Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The rarest of parties (day 77, morning)

Big Brother 19For one reason or another, the Big Brother 19 house has been very much devoid of any sort of booze lately. Maybe it’s because producers don’t want to make this house any crazier than it already is, but the parties this season, (like most of the humor in general) have basically gone the way of the dodo … at least until last night.

Production decided to throw the remaining houseguests a party during the latest Big Brother: After Dark episode, and it featured some beer, some grilling, some new games for the backyard, and basically some stuff to try to make things a little bit more entertaining for the show. Jason is a lock to go home on Thursday’s episode, and there doesn’t appear to be any real debate on that. Christmas will break the tie, and it’s only a tie because of Paul trying to ensure that Alex isn’t all that upset with him in jury. It doesn’t expose the alliance, and it’s a good move for Paul to keep himself situated firmly in the middle of it all.

The one thing from overnight that Josh should be concerned about is Paul saying that he can’t nominate Alex straight up, given that it would “expose” his game. Yet, we’re getting to the point now where things are just going to be exposed whether you want them to or not. In Paul’s case, we’re getting near a point where he is better off just winning the next Head of Household and making the move. One of the things that we don’t understand is him wanting to look like he doesn’t have control in the house or isn’t aware. Maybe this makes him more likely to get to the end, but it doesn’t help him win. One of his issues last season was that he didn’t want to own his move to get rid of Da’Vonne as much as he should have.

Paul does want to win the next Head of Household, probably because he senses that there is another Double Eviction coming and knows that this is a pretty vulnerable spot for him to be in. Beyond that, he doesn’t have any interest in winning the power at the final five, given that he wants to make sure that he is eligible to win it at the final 4. There is no more vulnerable spot in the game than the final four, given that it’s at this point where just losing one competition (if you are the outgoing HoH) seals your fate and you end up going home in the end. That’s an incredibly tough pill to swallow.

We’ll see if anything else of interest happens today in terms of altering the strategy of this game, but it feels right now as though we’re just on cruise control until the final three. At that point, maybe something a little more interesting transpires given that Paul has to win that to make it to the end.

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