The Blacklist season 5: Reddington’s words the focus of new promo art

Reddington's wordsNBC has shared the latest The Blacklist season 5 promotional art, and here the focus is very clear: Reddington’s words. This is a man who likes to speak softly while carrying a big stick — we do think he’d a be a Roosevelt fan in that way — and he also often waxes poetic. He’s full of wisdom, even though it may not always be the sort of wisdom that you’re looking for.

Below, you can see via NBC a rather wonderful quote, coupled with Reddington’s famous glasses: “I had bullets. He had words. But by the time he was done talking, I truly understood which was more powerful.” What’s great about this quote is that you can actually read this in several different ways out of context; with Reddington, it may be a little more clear to some of you out there.

We all know that Reddington is a dangerous man capable of murder and a number of other heinous crimes. Yet, he’s not a super-villain. He is not bulletproof, and nor does he have super-strength to tear through walls. He’s merely a mortal dude doing everything that he can to survive and establish a legacy for himself — it’s a nefarious one for sure, but a legacy nonetheless. He has built his empire on the strength of covert operations, words, deals, contacts, and making sure that he’s in the right place at the right time. This is precisely what he did back during the show’s pilot to ensure that he got himself involved in Elizabeth Keen. Can he use bullets? Absolutely, but he often uses words. This is why the remarkable thing about Reddington is that he could probably make this quote for him work either way, no matter how you take the meaning. He can always shoot first before someone stops talking; or, he can listen and interpret what they say.

In general, The Blacklist season 5 finds James Spader’s character in an interesting place. In terms of his criminal empire, he is effectively rudderless. He doesn’t have many of his compatriots anymore, and he’s left to figure out his new purpose and his next steps. He’s a meticulous man, so don’t expect to see him rush into anything. He may revel briefly in his secret being out about Liz, and he may allow for the right moment to strike so that he can rebuild. Remember: The right place at the right time. His problem is that Tom’s out there with the suitcase, and the words that could come out of that reveal are ones of peril and despair.

As the graphic reminds you, you’ll get a chance to hear more of Reddington’s words when The Blacklist season 5 premieres on NBC Wednesday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. It’s a new night, but we don’t anticipate the show changing all that much.

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