Bachelor in Paradise 4 spoilers: Emily and Haley Ferguson return

Emily and Haley FergusonWhat’s coming up on Bachelor in Paradise 4 episode 8 airing on Tuesday night? Well, we know that the show has a lot of drama coming up around the bend in the aftermath of Kristina deciding to leave the show and also some new relationships forming. (We’ll admit, the fact that the show has a character they’ve effectively labeled “Tickle Monster” is all sorts of ridiculous and hilarious. Also, Jack Stone. JACK. STONE.) Also, Dean comes off like a tool on this show — also, he walked Kristina off. Dean, this isn’t The Bachelor! This was the most awkward walk-out arguably in Bachelor in Paradise history, especially while D-Lo was still standing around at the Rose Ceremony wondering what was going to happen. (Somehow, D-Lo still seemed very satisfied with herself.) We haven’t even gotten to Emily and Haley Ferguson yet, but that’s what we have to talk about next!

The famous twins from Ben Higgins’ season of the show (plus their own Freeform show) are appearing on Paradise tomorrow night, and we like to think of them as the grenade production threw in to mess with people. There could be some fun that comes along with that, just because they know how to cause drama. We don’t know why else they are there, since it’s so late into the season and the odds are almost zero to none that someone in another relationship is going to jump over to them. The same goes for Jaimi, who seems mostly present so that production could promote that there is a bisexual contestant who could be interested in both men and women. (It’s a little hard to promote this as anything crazy when everyone else is seemingly heterosexual, no?)

Let’s go ahead and share the official synopsis for this episode below, mostly because it’s pretty darn exhaustive and it gives you a lot of information — without naming names. (One of the things that we love-hate about these at this point is the lengths in which ABC will go in order to keep people’s identities a secret in a creative way.)

“The couples that have endured the drama are so strong, latecomers to the party don’t seem to stand a chance of finding a partner for the last dance, as two wilted wallflowers discovered in last night’s episode.

But when the new arrival doubles her odds by liking both boys and girls, all bets are off. She does end up choosing a date of the opposite sex, but the woman in his life no longer feels like the bet she’s made on love is a safe one. And she may not be the only woman in danger.

Hopeful heartbreakers return to Paradise with their sites set unapologetically on other women’s men. This new bachelorette wants one man, who, it turns out, is on the verge of telling his emotionally intelligent partner that he is falling in love with her. So, instead, the bummed-out babe takes pity on a dating virgin, who is so excited to be asked out on his first date in Paradise that he accepts, even though he’s been getting cozy with an actual never-had-sex-before virgin.

Meanwhile, a more assertive lady takes a shot at her tantalizing target, even though he just dumped one girlfriend so that he could focus his attention on his other girlfriend. Although he says no, the shocked bachelorette senses that he’d like to say yes, so she approaches the girlfriend for permission. But when the testing tootsie leaves the decision up to the proven unreliable rascal, the persistent princess asks again, and is turned down again, leaving her no choice but to invite the only available man left in Paradise.

When one of the double-daters bails out so that he can spend the little time remaining with the woman he’s serious about, two women have had enough and storm out of Paradise, cursing the close-knit couples who caused their downfall.

The next morning, the cuddle-hungry couples are canoodling contentedly, when host Chris Harrison pays an unexpected visit to lay on them an even bigger surprise: “This is your last day in Paradise.””

Well, we knew it was coming eventually — the remaining couples are going to have to figure out whether or not they want to take their relationship to the next level. (For the record, we feel like Emily and Haley Ferguson will be long gone by this point.)

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