Lucifer season 3 spoilers: The story ahead for Maze, Linda

Lucifer season 3Can you believe that we’re only a few weeks away from Lucifer season 3 premiering on Fox? We’re ready for more! It’s been a while since we had a devilishly good time on Monday nights, and today we’re putting the focus on some very-fun supporting characters who make this engine run at full speed.

Let’s kick things off here with Linda, given that our favorite Lucifer therapist is going to be in need of a little bit of therapy herself. Once you go through something as terrifying as what she did at the end of last season, you don’t move on easily. Here is what executive producer Ildy Modrovich had to say on the matter to Entertainment Weekly:

“Because she’s a therapist, she thinks she knows how to handle trauma … But the problem is, she doesn’t have somebody else on the other side; there’s nobody to sit in the chair across from her, so she’s dealing with it herself at first. She finally realizes she needs somebody to sit in the proverbial chair for her, so she seeks out an interesting partnership, a new friendship, that will be very exciting.”

Now, let’s move to another interesting subject here in how this will impact the character Maze, who may feel a little bit jealous of this new-found friendship. You won’t see the character right away (Lesley Ann-Brandt will have some maternity leave), but she does come back, Modrovich makes it clear in a separate EW piece that there’s going to be some fun stuff ahead:

“Maze is gone bounty hunting for the first part of the season, i.e. [Ann-Brandt is] having her child and spending time with her new baby … But when she comes back, she’ll find her best friend with this new friend, so she’ll be very, very jealous of that because, ‘Hey, Linda’s her best friend!’ so that will be fraught with drama.”

Of course, “fraught with drama” for us mostly means a good time, given that it allows us a chance to see these two characters bounce off one another and showcase some great chemistry and comedy. We imagine that there will be a lot of humor in jealous Maze, but also some sweet, genuine moments by the end of it. So much of Lucifer season 3 could be about some of these characters learning how to adapt and realize the new world around them. It may be difficult for them at times to adjust from what they were used to before being in Los Angeles, but seeing a part of that struggle is going to be fun.

We can certainly speak to this in Lucifer season 3 in terms of the title character, as he has to determine whether or not he wants to clue in Chloe to some of his secrets, while also facing the very-real possibility that someone else could come in and sweep her off her feet. To read a little bit more on that, we suggest that you head over to the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

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