Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Raven, Josh, monologues, and rants (day 76, evening)

Big BrotherOur Big Brother 19 evening update for day 76 is coming a little earlier than some, mostly because we don’t expect much action later. Let’s face it — the plan at this point seems to be set in stone and isn’t changing. Jason is leaving the house this week, and the majority of the other players are voting to get rid of him. Paul’s casting a vote Kevin’s way just to split it, but Christmas is breaking the time.

Since Alex and Jason are completely oblivious to what is going on, they’re going to be pretty chill most likely the next few days. Meanwhile, nobody in the know wants to change the plan since they’re all in good standing in the house. Josh is the only one with doubts (he’s realized that the plan currently in place benefits Paul more than it does anyone else), but that doesn’t mean that he is all that interested in doing anything about it. He’s content to let the chips fall where they may and work everything out at the final three. Basically, we do think that Josh and Christmas take each other at that point and Paul would be in third place. It actually benefits Paul to go to the end with Christmas and Raven, though we’re not sure he is aware of that. (Raven is far more of a jury goat than Kevin, even with her story.)

There were some monologues earlier today from both Josh and Raven, where they both laid out their plans. For Josh, he reiterated that his annoyance at Paul this week for letting him and Christmas take most of the heat for the Jason vote isn’t stopping him from sticking with the plan. Meanwhile, Raven’s rant was more about all of the various stuff that she needs the $50,000 for if she makes it to the end and loses. (Hey, at least she’s starting to become aware that she’s got no real shot of winning.) Raven seems firmly committed to the idea of going to the final two with Paul, which is kind of hilarious since Paul’s one of the biggest reasons why Matt went home.

Oh, and the biggest reason why Paul may not go to the final three with Raven is simply because she drives him nuts. He said as much to Josh earlier, which does go to show more the power in having someone in the house who is disliked by so many people. A lot of this game is about figuring out where your limits are. If you have the self-control to deal with someone you don’t like, but know that you can beat, you’ve got a good chance at the end.

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