Lethal Weapon season 2 spoilers: More on Michelle Hurd’s role

Michelle HurdWhen Lethal Weapon season 2 airs this fall on Fox, there’s going to be a new boss played by Michelle Hurd. How will she be with the team? Well, in a word, “tough.” She’s not someone who suffers fools, and she may be able to get a wrangle on Riggs and Murtaugh in a way that few others have to date.

You can see the first photo of the Blindspot alum below on the show via TVLine; meanwhile, executive producer Matthew Miller tells the site a little bit about her Gina Santos in basic terms:

“[Gina] comes into our world because Capt. Avery has sort of lost control of these guys … We need someone to play the heavy.”

From here, he also goes on to add a pretty exciting wrinkle to the mix — Santos actually does have quite a history with Murtaugh thanks to something that happened in the past:

“What we find out when she comes in is that Murtaugh is immediately freaked out by her presence, because there was an incident many years ago … He explains to Riggs that they were on a stakeout late one night, they were in the car together, and ‘Dancing in September’ came on the radio. They both reached to turn the volume up, and their fingers hit and ‘lingered.’”

Obviously, this sort of awkwardness could lead to some … additional awkwardness. Maybe. It also seems to have been so long in the past that Murtaugh could manifest it as something more significant than it really was, which could lead to more awkwardness in turn. The show will probably be able to have some fun with this just because it does often excel at creating some of these strange, awkward moments. We can say that for us, we’re excited to have Hurd on the show because she’s a great talent, but also since it will be a nice change of pace for her following her work on Blindspot. Also, after a full season of hijinks we figure that Riggs and Murtaugh could actually use a little bit of humility. If nobody tries to put them in their place, then they have no real limitations and they run wild. You need to have a balance between crazy and normal, and she may prove very much useful in offering that.

This shakeup for Lethal Weapon onscreen is also coming at a time in which there is a little bit of a shakeup off-screen with the show moving to a new timeslot on Tuesdays. Will it survive amidst all of the different competition that it’s up against? Consider this your challenge to watch live and help the show out!

What do you want to see from Michelle Hurd on Lethal Weapon season 2, and from the season as a whole? Sound off in the comments!

Will you see Michelle Hurd again on Blindspot?

For those of you wondering that, rest assured that we’ve also got an answer for you on that very thing over at the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

Michelle Hurd

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