Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiere wishlist: The battle at the ranch

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiereThe Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiere is right around the corner — as a matter of fact, it’s coming September 10 with two episodes! There’s a great deal of story left to tell for some of these characters, and as a result of where the show left off, we’re probably more excited for what lies ahead than we’ve been at any other point in the show’s run. We have a memorable location now in Broke Jaw Ranch, and to go along with that, we’ve also got some great new characters in Troy, Jake, and Walker. They all have some sort of role to play in the episodes that lie ahead, and it could prove deadly.

With this, let’s dive in to the latest chapter in our ongoing, month-long Premiere Wishlist series.

1. Make the battle for Broke Jaw political – It would be easy at this point to have Walker barge into the ranch and take it over, given that Jeremiah Otto is dead and the entire community is in disarray. It’s with this in mind that we think the much more interesting solution would be to have Madison use some of her negotiating skills with the man. Figure out a way to give him something that he needs, and work alongside her own people to ensure their safety. While this may be a difficult proposition given that Walker doesn’t suffer fools and often wants what he wants, she’s proven to be very smart and resourceful.

2. Send Troy hot on the trail – Troy’s unstable. He’s also deadly. Jeremiah may have had a rocky relationship with his son, but don’t wait long for Troy to figure out that something terrible happened to his father that was not his own doing. The more you build up the tension with this character, the more interesting/terrifying it will be in the end.

3. Give Alicia/Jake even more complications – There is a romance here, but we want to see things get deeper and at times messier as they start to think more about their future could look like in this world. The fact that so few people actually do stop to consider this subject given the apocalypse is what makes this so interesting. It’s only in situations where you have someone else to fight for that these things ever enter your mind. Seeing so much death as of late should accelerate things for the two in the Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiere.

4. A few more zombies – We like that Fear the Walking Dead isn’t all zombies, all the time, but an episode or so with a really great zombie-kill sequence would be much appreciate. Having it be one episode of the two-hour premiere is perfect.

5. Far more Daniel Salazar – His story was probably one of the strongest episodes of the first half, and the show made the Spanish-only aspect of it worthwhile. We want more risks taken by the writing staff with him, and we also want him integrated with everyone else. To be specific, the more that you explore his current relationship with Ofelia after everything they’ve been through, the better off the third season is going to be.

What do you want to see on the Fear the Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiere? Sound off now in the attached comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here in the event you haven’t seen a truly-epic sneak peek yet for the midseason premiere focusing on Troy. (Photo: AMC.)

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