Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi on possible Jenna Coleman return in Christmas Special

Jenna Coleman returnThe upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special is only a few months away, and the odds for a Jenna Coleman return are pretty good. There’s also a logical reason for it to happen — this special is a fond farewell to Peter Capaldi, and when you consider who we saw with Matt Smith’s farewell in Karen Gillan, it only makes some sense for Coleman’s Clara Oswald to turn up and wish The Doctor well. She’s still out there in the universe, and the same goes for Pearl Mackie, who has already been confirmed as a part of the special.

So will the Jenna Coleman return be a reality? You’re going to have a hard time getting a clear answer out of Capaldi on that subject. He was one of many guests at Dragon Con this past weekend in Atlanta, and he took on a young fan’s question about if Clara could turn back up. First, he said “I think you may” in response to if we’ll see her again, followed by “I’ll see her again, [and you] may see her again too — but I won’t tell. It’d spoil things … You may see her. She’s still there. Everyone in Doctor Who is still there.”

We love the second part of Peter’s answer there, given that it may be one of the most Doctor Who responses to anything ever. It answers the question while giving absolutely nothing away in the process. One of the only things that could’ve prohibited a Jenna Colaman return from happening with the show is her filming schedule over on ITV’s Victoria, but given that this cameo is likely to be a super-brief one, we don’t see any reason why production wouldn’t have been able to go through with this plan provided that they could get her to turn up for just a day or two.

Coleman remains an integral part to Capaldi’s legacy in the role even if she doesn’t turn back up, largely because of the fact that she did appear in the vast majority of his episodes. We wouldn’t be shocked if there are some additional cameos to go along with this one, largely due to the fact that this episode will be the last for showrunner Steven Moffat. He may want to bring in some of his other most-familiar characters from the show’s run as a way to try and honor so much of what he accomplished. This has been a great era for the show, but it is time for things to effectively change and evolve.

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