This Is Us season 2 teaser & NBC’s strategy session

This Is Us season 2 teaserThe latest This Is Us season 2 teaser has now arrived, and after watching it we are able to better analyze just what it is NBC wants from the show.

What would we put at the top of list? That’s pretty simple: Pulling at the fans heartstrings. This is clearly a show that the network wants you to associate with soft, tender moments with beloved characters, and getting together with your family. It’s interesting how the marketing for the show works, since it’s in contrast with the majority of the other programs out there that lean towards blood, gore and shock value. By and large, networks now are really advocating binge-watching, shocking their viewers, or making a meal out of social media. While there are certainly plenty of people out there tweeting about This Is Us, this isn’t what drives the show. People are talking about it because it is one of the only shows out there that bring you into a world where characters are dealing with real life situations without a ridiculous amount of drama. This is easily the most relateable show on television – it has something for everyone.

This is Us is one of the few shows that can really rely on appointment-viewing. This is the most lucrative way for a network to make money off of a show, but it is also bar-none the most difficult to execute for many different reasons. For one, you have the challenge of having to make your show good enough to convince people to watch it live, and that alone is not an easy thing to do. This is an extremely fickle era in which we’re living in, one where people want to watch TV at their own terms unless it’s so good that they can’t afford to miss it live and be spoiled. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are two series that fit really well into this box. The main difference between This Is Us and some of these shows is that this is family viewing at it’s best. This Is Us is a series that appeals to a wider commercial audience of adults, teenagers, grandparents, and everyone in between. It’s also easily accessible thanks to it airing on a major network.

While the This Is Us season 2 teaser does a good job of giving you little glimpses of the story, its real merit is being the one thing that the show promises to be: “America’s new favorite show.” That’s a big statement to make, but in this case it certainly has the ratings and the nominations to back it up.

Oh, and the teaser also promises to be every bit as emotional as it has been in the past. After all, it does include in here a reminder to get some tissues ready.

What do you think about the new This Is Us season 2 teaser?

Let us know your thoughts on both the content, and also NBC’s way of using the heartstrings to orchestrate their campaign! Meanwhile, check out the link here in the event you want to see one of our most-recent character spotlights on Rebecca. (Photo: NBC.)

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