How long should Arrow season 6 wait on Vigilante reveal?

Vigilante revealIf you want to know more about Arrow season 6, then you’re just like everyone else in America — The CW is keeping the lid super-tight on the story! Nonetheless, we do wish we had answers regarding one long-standing plot thread: The big Vigilante reveal.

If you recall, we first met Vigilante in a pretty gory fashion last season, and there are a few things that are very much clearly known about him: He loves chaos, he loves taking down people he perceives to be bad, he doesn’t mind collateral damage, and he also has a fondness for ski goggles. He’s also someone without an alter ego still. For some time, it was assumed that it would be Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) under the mask, given that Chase is his alter ego in the comics. Yet, the writers made him Prometheus and threw a giant curveball into the whole Vigilante reveal.

Now, we’re left waiting and wondering precisely who is under the mask and those aforementioned ski goggles, and there are a ton of theories out there, whether it be Pike, Thea, or even Curtis’ ex Paul. Yet, none of these theories are close to confirmed — we do think it’s better if the character is someone we know, but that’s all we know for certain right now.

We don’t want to focus on the who so much here as the win — we do think that, one way or another, Vigilante should see his story wrapped up by around the end of January. We understand that there should be some other priorities early on in the season, including finding out who lived/who died on Liam Yu, keeping around Black Siren, and maybe even bringing Michael Emerson’s character into the fold. However, on the other side of that, we should be at the point where it’s totally cool to give everyone a little more in the way of insight and answers. The longer you wait, and the less the reveal makes an impact given that we didn’t see a whole lot of Vigilante at the end of last season. This is someone who needs some face-time in order to still be considered one of the most-dangerous villains around. If you don’t show him, then you do start to lose a little bit of the character’s luster and nobody really wants that.

Of course, there’s another villain we haven’t even mentioned yet in Richard Dragon, and nobody knows where Slade Wilson is going to land. We don’t consider Vigilante a Big Bad, and with that, the perfect way to handle his reveal seems to be this: Give him a three-four episode arc in the winter where his entire story is told and then his alter ego is finally revealed.

When do you want to see the Vigilante reveal coming?

Be sure to share your thoughts on this subject in the comments below! Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here if you do want to see a new video teasing what’s coming up on Arrow season 6. (Photo: The CW.)

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