The Last Ship season 4 episode 4 review: The stages of Slattery’s life

Last Ship season 4 episode 4About thirty minutes into The Last Ship season 4 episode 4, we started finding ourselves having serious “How to Save a Live” vibes. For those unaware, this is the episode of Grey’s Anatomy where the show killed off Patrick Dempsey’s character of Derek. It was singular, powerful, and different than almost any other episode.

Tonight, we saw the life of a certain XO Slattery flash before his eyes on a number of different occasions, as we got more of a sense as to precisely what his life was like before the virus. These memories and visions are at times transposed into what was going on in the present, as the crew of the Nathan James did their part in order to rescue him and bring him back in one piece. Unfortunately, it was difficult. There were so many people on the other side, he was badly wounded, and we’re sure being out under the hot sun didn’t help. He struggled to keep his eyes opened, and he really struggled in order to find where he was or what he was doing.

Honestly, the biggest surprise that we have coming out of this episode is that Slattery somehow made it through. While we didn’t get to see all of how Chandler and the team were able to pull this off, but appreciate that since it put you more into the seat of Slattery and how he coped with everything that was happening around him. We were admittedly so enthralled with this that our eye was a little more off the ball with Giorgio, Lucia, and company, who continue doing what they can in order to contemplate the right move with the seed plan. They’re fairly strong insofar as villains go, but they still have their work cut out for them matching the evil of last season.

In the end, what’s important is that Slattery was carted back on the James, and still breathing. He’s not in great shape, but signs point to him making it through. Take a sigh of relief, everybody. Great music in the closing minutes, and also a pretty darn great victory for the James as they now have the seeds. They’re the winners for now, and they can focus back on their goal of trying to restore the world’s food supply after the virus mutation. (Who else feels as though this victory is not going to last?)

Overall Take

For us, “Jaynestown” was our favorite Adam Baldwin performance for a long time — and that may be because of our love of Firefly. Nonetheless, his performance in this episode has to be up there. This episode was poignant, beautiful, and also anxiety-inducing since we spent so much of it worried. We certainly think it would benefit the show greatly to do more things like this structurally to get us in the head of more of the various people about the James. Episode Grade: B+.

Where do we go from here on The Last Ship season 4?

If you want to see a preview for what’s coming up around the bend, be sure to head over to the link here right now! Of course, we’re going to continue to have more news and updates coming up in the near future. (Photo: TNT.)

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