Power season 5 debate: Will Tasha be in prison?

Power season 5When Power season 5 airs on Starz, what is going to become of Tasha St. Patrick? At the end of the season 4 finale, that was the big question.

We’re pretty sure that everyone knew how much Tasha cared about her family and her son Tariq. The fact that she would do almost anything for him really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. The fact that she has to prepare herself to confess to murder following what happened to Ray Ray? Well, that’s something different. Her hiring Terry Silver as her attorney in the closing minutes — leaving her romantic relationship with him in the dust as a result — is a sure-fire sign that she is preparing for a court battle.

Could Tasha actually be in prison at the time season 5 starts? We don’t necessarily think that; instead, she may just be getting some of her ducks in a row just in case. She’s making sure that her son Tariq cannot be charged, given that she’s burned his clothes and done what she can to scrub every last shred of evidence off of him.

We understand why Power would want to go back to the court-case well if the death of Ray Ray gets this far, mostly because it allows them to use so many of the characters we’ve seen this season. Sung Kang is tremendous, and we’re sure that he’d love to nail a member of the St. Patrick family to the wall. Meanwhile, Angela could find herself conflicted; she knew Raina and therefore wants to see justice for her death; however, she also warned Tasha that nobody in her family could get caught for this. If the show can make whatever happens with her different from what did with Jamie, while every bit as dramatic, we could have a killer season 5 coming up. Unfortunately, the struggle is going to be waiting until next summer.

Here’s one other slice of food for thought: Is it at all possible that we could end up seeing Tariq realizing that his mother is taking the fall for him, and step in as a result? Tariq is a young man aware of his mistakes. Nothing makes you realize the error of your ways more than killing someone. Had he never rebelled against his family and allowed himself to get so involved with the bad crowd, this would’ve never happened. He could have been okay, and his family could’ve been on the up-and-up.

What do you think is going to happen next to Tasha on Power season 5?

Be sure to share some of your early thoughts and theories on that subject in the comments! Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want to check out some of our early premiere-date speculation as to when the show could come back on Starz. (Photo: Starz.)

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