Teen Wolf season 6 episode 16 review: The Malia – Scott moment; Gerard’s plan

Teen Wolf season 6 episode 16On Teen Wolf season 6 episode 16, it didn’t take too long for the MTV show to effectively remind you of the danger the pack was in. Not only does Gerard Argent have power, but he’s also got influence and plenty of weapons. This is the biggest threat that the team has been up against, mostly because of numbers. In between the show’s creepy guidance counselor Tamora and a wide array of minions willing to die for him, he’s empowered these people to do crazy things and have no regard for their own life. That’s a pretty rare combination of crazy.

As you’ve seen a few times over, Gerard is also pretty good at cultivating traps. He did that once more about the midway point of this episode when Scott and Malia found themselves tricked when it came to the mission with the guns. To make matters worse, they found themselves trapped not long after that. Great news for the two spending time together … but bad news when it was revealed that this time would be short-lived as Argent would have to start depriving the room of its oxygen. It was even worse when Gerard revealed to Tamora what his real plan was: Severing Scott from his beta. That’s something we’ll get to more in just a bit.

For now, let’s focus instead on Malia and Scott’s steamy escape plan — and we use that word intentionally given that there was a little bit of steam-like gas that entered the room at one point. Malia had come up with what appeared to be a good escape plan, but when that didn’t work the gas seemed to knock them out cold. When they woke up … that’s when it was clear that the kiss was coming. Hey, if you’re going to use up the last bit of oxygen, might as well use it for romance, right? Lydia managed to save them before the kiss actually happened, and that came later.

Meanwhile, for Theo and Liam, this week marked a rare team-up for the two of them, one where it didn’t take Theo all that long in order to realize that something was amiss with Liam. This was a good episode when it comes to exploring some of Theo’s psychology, and why the character is such a fan favorite — he’s still got so much humanity in him, and that enables him to be such a skilled adversary to Gerard and his man. We do believe that Liam was the target.

The cliffhangers

First, we turn to Gerard telling Tamora that she’s really not as important to him as she would want to think. Then, we had the Malia Scott kiss. The moment happened, and now you’ve got a few minutes to explore that. Also, the team figured out that Gerard wasn’t stopping with Beacon Hills … no bleep, Sherlock. Everyone now has guns, and the team now is trapped with gunfire attacking them from the outside. Pretty screwed, no?

Overall Take

The best Teen Wolf episodes are the ones that do focus things in slightly when it comes to the story, and we are very pleased to report that Teen Wolf season 6 episode 16 did that. While there were some powers and mythology, there was also a lot of really great character moments. This has us excited for the final episodes of the season. Grade: B+.

What’s ahead on Teen Wolf season 6 episode 17?

It looks as though Colton Haynes is back in action … and he’s not alone! If you’re interested in getting some more information on what’s coming, take a look at the article over at the link here. (Photo: MTV.)

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