Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Is Josh waking up? (day 75, afternoon)

Big Brother 19Out of all of the people to start to wake up and realize that there is a game going on in Big Brother 19isn’t it ironic it is Josh? This is a guy who has spent a better part of this season banging pots and pans while trolling Mark; now, he may be one of the best chances that we’ve got of someone stopping Paul before he makes it to the end of the game.

For the past day or so, Josh has grown increasingly nervous and frustrated with Paul thanks to one aspect of his plan: His desire to save Alex with the Veto and force a tie vote between Jason and Kevin. This forces Christmas to get some of the blood on her hands, as she would be the one to cast the deciding vote to send Jason out the door. Josh may be completely nuts sometimes, but he’s not an idiot. He realizes that what would happen as a result of Paul using the Veto — Alex would remain on his side, which means that in the event there is a Double Eviction ahead (for the record, there is) and Alex gets power, she wouldn’t be as inclined to target him. Who would she target? Most likely Christmas and Josh. He’s trying to come up with a failsafe for himself and Josh is aware of it.

Earlier this afternoon, Josh tried to include Christmas on some of his thinking, but she was a little less than receptive to the news. Instead, she got angry at him for even thinking that something like this could be a good idea and then got angrier when he tried to dip out of the conversation halfway through it. This was one of the bigger fights that the two of them have had all season, and she’s adamant that Paul is on their side. Alas, Christmas is the delusional one here and Josh is actually attune to his surroundings.

The concern for Josh is this: Christmas ends up telling some of this to Paul, and then Paul maybe decides that it’s smarter to go far in the game with someone like Raven or Kevin, who he feels will rock the boat less than what Josh is doing. Paul wants options, and if Josh starts to limit some of those options, then he’ll just look for them elsewhere. This is one of the reasons why his Big Brother 19 strategy has been so effective for the vast majority of the season.

We’ll see if anything more comes of this later, but Josh’s suspicions are so far one of the few things that has come out of what is otherwise a pretty humdrum day of live feeds. If you missed it, you can head over to the link here to get some other insight on what happened on the live feeds overnight. (Photo: CBS.)

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