Is Ray Donovan new tonight? More Sam Winslow insight

Ray Donovan newIs Ray Donovan new tonight on Starz? Based on what we’ve seen with Ray and Sam Winslow so far this season, of course you’d want more!

Unfortunately, for one week only, the folks over at Showtime are going to make you wait There is no new installment of the show airing tonight, and there are effectively two different reasons for that. First, it’s Labor Day Weekend, and that is obviously not the best night of the week to air new episodes of any show. That may be a little less true for a show like Ray Donovan that relies more so on Showtime subscriptions than live viewers, but the facts still remain the same. Beyond that, you also have the fact that Twin Peaks is coming to a close with a two-hour finale that is hopefully going to tie together many of the loose ends of that show. We’ve already written that the odds of that show coming back are fairly low, but we’ll see if that ends up remaining the case.

Meanwhile, the odds of Ray Donovan coming back for another season are of course pretty high, but that’s not the main focus of this article.

While you wait for season 5 episode 5 to air on Showtime next week, we’ve got a little something to tide you over courtesy of our friends at the network: A new video (see below) featuring Susan Sarandon and showrunner David Hollander doing their best to discuss the character of Sam Winslow and the backstory that we learned about her this past episode. All of it was interesting, fascinating stuff, and we are very much interested and intrigued to learn what’s going to happen on this show from here. Sam has brought Ray in to be the new fixer, and it’s probably a more ambitious job than one that he really should be taking based on where he is in his life right now. He’s still struggling to come to terms with his new life with Abby, and he’s trying to work and clean up the messes of one of the biggest studio heads in all of Hollywood. We don’t think it’s anything other than obvious to say that this is going to get messy, and that it’s probably going to happen pretty quickly. In this world, that’s almost a guarantee and something that you should expect around virtually every corner.

The one thing that you can be excited about, even if there are no more episodes of Ray Donovan for another week, is this: There is still more than half of the season to go! This is one of the positives that does come from this seasons starting up so late, though it does also mean that it collides with some other fall programming that is out there.

Want some other Ray Donovan news?

It may not be new tonight, but if you head over to the link here you’re going to have a chance to learn a little bit more about what’s coming, and the next major crisis on Sam’s doorstep.

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