The Blacklist season 5 conspiracy theory: Is Mr. Kaplan alive?

Is Mr. Kaplan aliveWith The Blacklist season 5 premiering later this month on NBC, is now the time to wonder the big question: Is Mr. Kaplan alive? Is there a way for this character to actually return to the show?

Based on everything that we’ve seen so far on the series, plus everything that’s been said in various interviews, the conclusion we are meant to draw is that the character is gone. She took her own life in order to ensure that the new phase of her plan could come into action. If she couldn’t be killed, then she would kill herself. As we saw via her backstory, she really didn’t have a whole lot to look forward to in her life anymore. She’d given up so much that there wasn’t anything left for her without being a part of Reddington’s team.

Seemingly, Kaplan did appear as though she wanted to die. This is a show that does love its wide array of twists and turns, and with that, though, we’ve learned to question everything. Was Kate intuitive enough in order to realize that Reddington wouldn’t actually murder her, and with that would she have been well aware of a possible escape plan? This is a woman that survived a brutal gunshot, so it’s certainly possible that she could find a way to survive falling from a bridge. Mr. Kaplan could have nine lives, and we actually wouldn’t be all that upset about it. Sure, her body appeared to be floating lifeless in the water … but still. Liz Keen faked her death already in equally dramatic fashion, so you can’t rule anything out with this show.

So … what about the suitcase then? This is one of the best arguments that you can possibly make in terms of why Kate didn’t need to survive her fall — her legacy lives on. Yet, what is this suitcase is meant to also be some sort of clue as to where to find her next, or she has some sort of tracking device on it to find Tom/send someone in her place and continue the plan from there? She may have realized that she got what she wanted from Reddington in that she saw his empire crumble. Now, she may be content with living off somewhere in silence, presumed dead, and still finding a way to antagonize her former friend. You’ve got about a thousand or so different scenarios in which she could have plotted this all out, including one that signals a reunion with Reddington once she realizes just how different his life is. We don’t think that she can come back from a betrayal as stark as a shooting … but, it’s The Blacklist. If nothing else, maybe the two could work together to take down a common foe.

Is Mr. Kaplan alive, ultimately?

It’s doubtful — really doubtful — and while there is that part of us that would like for it to be true, we do believe that we’ve reached the end of the road for her story. Bringing her back after two near-death experiences would cheapen the impact of death on this show, and we’re clearly skeptical about it already because of what happened with Liz back during season 3. Don’t forget about the character, though — if anyone know how to haunt someone from beyond the grave, this is more than likely that person.

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