Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Paul’s tightrope act (day 75, morning)

Big Brother 19Isn’t it ironic that we’re at one of the most dangerous points in Paul’s Big Brother 19 game, and he’s not even on the block? Well, Mr. Friendship is in one of the most precarious positions that we’ve seen from him the entire season, and it’s all thanks to one thing more than anything else: His own desire to constantly have control. Big Brother is, at its core, a game about timing. You need to show your cards eventually, but the timing has to be right so that the people you are betraying cannot do anything about it.

The debate Paul is likely going to have today is twofold: Using the Veto on Alex, and then determining whether or not to split up the votes between Jason and whoever else is on the block. He wants to ensure that Jason goes, but he’s also trying to protect himself for down the road. This is the wishy-washy part of the plan that has Christmas and Josh a little bit wary — they get the blood on their hands, and he gets to skate by. We think it’s clear why Paul thinks that he can get away with something like this, given that some of the players this season are among the most clueless players in Big Brother history. For the most part, Paul’s told them to jump and they’ve jumped through the ceiling. They’ve been called his minions for a reason.

However, Josh and Christmas are about a 5 out of 10 right now on the Woke-O-Meter. They realize that Paul is playing his own game and thinking for himself, but don’t have any interest in doing anything about it. In 90% of situations, they’re going to be okay. They just have to make sure that Alex doesn’t win the next Head of Household, and if she does, they just need to ensure that one of them wins the Veto or that Paul takes one of them down. If this happens, then Raven or Kevin can go up as a replacement nominee. This, for the record, is stuff that must be on Paul’s mind — if he can win over Alex this week while taking out her number one ally, then he may be able to ensure that he’s not used as a replacement nominee next week and someone outside of his three-person alliance goes home.

All of this is very complicated, and to quote a certain Breaking Bad character, Paul needs to tread lightly. If he can do that, he will be able to ensure that he stays put for a long time still to come. We expect him to spend most of today, juggling a lot of these different balls that are in the air.

If you missed it…

Last night, the Big Brother 19 houseguests took part in the Power of Veto Competition! If you want to read more news about that and the immediate aftermath of Paul’s win, be sure to visit the link here right now! (Photo: CBS.)

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