Blindspot season 3 spoilers: Michelle Hurd not returning (for now)

Michelle HurdWhen Michelle Hurd first secured a recurring role on Lethal Weapon, one of the first questions that we had was how this would impact her on BlindspotAs it turns it, it looks as though she is not appearing on Blindspot season 3 at all — at least for the time being.

Speaking to TVLine in a new interview, show boss Martin Gero made it clear that they do still have an interest in bringing her back, even though there are no firm plans at the moment:

“We don’t yet have a plan to bring her back, but it’s not a closed door in any way. She’s certainly busy because she’s so amazing. We love her, and we’d love to find a way to bring her back, but there’s no plan as of yet.”

One of the things with a show like Blindspot is that it does always need to evolve in order to stay interesting, and both Gero and the rest of the writers are very much aware of that. As a result of that, they have to find new ways to incorporate characters and twists. This was one of the primary pushes behind the time jump at the end of season 2, and there could be more where that came from. The glowing tattoos reignite a new mystery on the show that is very much its own. Who knows where Shepherd is going to be in the midst of all of this? We have a hard time thinking that she is gone just because of her not being around right now; there are always things that can happen and people who can appear down the line. There are plenty of other characters from the past who also could return here and there. (Personally, we know that it’s be great to see Rich Dotcom again, especially since this character is such a great source of comedy for the series.

Remember that the third season will be premiering on NBC a little bit later this fall, where it will be its new timeslot Friday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. There are some other mysteries that we’re going to be revealed in the weeks to come, given that we’re still pretty early on in the promotional campaign. We just hope that the show’s viewers end up following the show to its new timeslot, given that otherwise it could be in some trouble. It’s also in a strange position given that it is roughly on its own in its new time. Originally there were plans to air it alongside Taken in the fall, but the latter show was held off until midseason in order to make some creative changes.

What do you think: Should Michelle Hurd return for Blindspot season 3? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments! Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some additional news when it comes to the show and its sense of humor. (Photo: NBC.)

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