Blue Bloods season 8 spoilers: Your Jamie – Eddie reunion photo

Blue Bloods season 8

We know that many diehard Blue Bloods fans have likely been waiting for a Jamie – Eddie reunion sooner rather than later. Luckily, season 8 won’t keep you waiting all that long!

We reported on Friday that the show’s premiere episode at the end of the month will feature Vanessa Ray returning to the show (she was MIA for the final episodes of season 7), and she will waste almost no time being paired back up again with Jamie Reagan. The two have a fantastic working relationship and they are effective at their job; however, things are a little bit more complicated now that the romantic feelings they have for each other are out in the open. They’ve tried to deny the feelings, they’ve tried to date other people, and they’ve even spent some time apart. Will any of those things stop the romantic chemistry that is there between the two of them? We have a hard time thinking so!

There’s one other reason why slowing down the romantic chemistry between the two parties is likely going to be a little complicated: Jamie and Eddie having to work undercover on a case together as a couple. They’ve tried to not be a couple, and now the job is forcing them to be. This could be the point of no return.

If we had it our way, one of the things that we would want for the premiere is to just have the two get together officially and deal with some of the consequences that come with that. The longer that you hold that off, the more you are keeping yourself away from interesting new storytelling. Turning the Jamie – Eddie reunion into a full-fledged romance creates all sorts of interesting story possibilities. For example, what happens to the two parties as partners, and does this make them stronger or weaker as a team? Also, what will Frank, Danny, and Erin all have to say about this? Is Eddie eventually going to find herself at the Reagan family dinner table? There’s not as much that the show can do with these two as a will-they-or-won’t-they couple anymore, so there should be an emphasis in seeing what happens with the two of them actually together.

We’ll ultimately find out one way or another in a matter of weeks, but now does feel like the right time. If not the premiere, then why not consider it a few episodes down the road?

Let us know in the comments what you think about this Jamie – Eddie reunion photo, and what this could mean for Blue Bloods season 8 as a whole!

(Photo: CBS.)

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