America’s Got Talent lineup: Darci Lynne, Preacher Lawson, Eric Jones performing in first semifinal show

Darci LynneThe first America’s Got Talent semifinal show is airing on NBC Tuesday night, and you don’t have to wait any longer to learn who is performing! Whether it be Preacher Lawson, Darci Lynne, or some other favorites, we’ve got one of the more interesting lineups that we’ve seen so far this season coming up.

Below, you can take a look at the full lineup of performers, coupled with what our early prognosis is on them making it to the finale. Note that we’re not ranking anyone just yet; we’ll do that come Monday. There are also two more acts joining the nine below; one of them is unknown (it was originally going to be Merrick Hanna, but he was switched to the second show), and the other looks to be the wild-card act.

Billy & Emily – Their challenge now is simple: What else can they do that they haven’t done yet in order to impress America? They, unfairly, get criticized for doing similar things every round.

Darci Lynne – The singing ventriloquist just needs to come out and do another song; if it’s anything like her first two, she’s a lock to advance.

Eric Jones – We love Eric, but we do think he has to stretch himself beyond variations of card tricks this time around. The more that he does that, the more that they could end up blending together.

Evie Clair – She’s gotta have the performance of her life. She needed the Dunkin’ Save to get here, and there are more notable singers at the moment in the field.

Johnny Manuel – Johnny needs to focus on vulnerability here more so than he does hitting all of the big notes. We know that he can sing like nobody’s business. We want to see more of his soul.

Greater Works Choir – The choral group is coming back!

Preacher Lawson – Continue to share the worldview that you have through every performance to date. He’s a very specific sort of comedian given that he’s very anecdotal, and that’s someone who should get a lot of support from the crowd. Also, he’s hilarious and full of life.

Sara & Hero – Come up with a fun theme, and some unique ways for Hero to shine. Everyone already loves the two of them, but they’re disadvantaged given that they just performed.

Yoli Mayor – For Yoli, this really is going to be all about getting the right song that shows off her voice and makes her feel current.

Chase Goehring – What song will he have this time?

Mike Yung – He will be joined by yet another singer for the show.

Five of these acts are going to advance to the finale, and this is going to be no easy feat for some of them given that Preacher, Mandy, and Darci in particular are three performers who could be the top three at the end of the season. We still have to rank everyone, but as of right now we’d say that Johnny Manuel and Sara & Hero are the two most likely to join them in the top five.

Who do you like from this America’s Got Talent lineup for Tuesday’s show? Share in the comments, and be sure to check out more of our discussion on possible wild-card acts. (Photo: NBC.)

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