Absentia video: Go behind the scenes with Stana Katic, cast

Stana KaticWhile we await the official U.S. home for Absentia to be announced, why not enjoy a new video with Stana Katic and the cast?

Here is the bad news: This video is coming to you courtesy of AXN Portugal, and unfortunately, we don’t speak much Portuguese. Therefore, there are a number of things in here that fly over our head just in terms of what the host is saying. (Regardless of the language barrier, though, there are a few different things to be excited about in terms of what’s featured here.

For one, you’ve got the setting! The series was filmed over the winter in Bulgaria (hence all of the jackets), and the city of Sofia is being used to double for Boston. We appreciate seeing the different geography and culture that is present in some of these scenes, if for no other reason than that it’s so different than what we’re used to seeing as an American TV journalist. There aren’t too many series that are specifically filming in this part of Europe, and there are some geographic advantages that go along with that. Take, for example, some of the wintertime forests that you are going to see throughout the show.

The presence of Stana Katic (who plays lead Emily Byrne) comes in the form of some assorted interviews. You also get a chance in here to hear from such other people as Cara Theobold (Alice), Patrick Heusinger (Nick), and Neil Jackson (Jack). they all do a good job of laying out what their own respective roles on the series are and some of what happens to them after Emily, once presumed dead, returns after a six-year absence. If you’ve been out of the Absentia loop over the years, this is a good video to check out. It’s a primer for what the show is, what it looks like, and what to be excited about. If you’ve seen Katic in Castle, you’ll probably love this. The same goes if you love other crime/mystery series that tell a long-form story, whether it be The Night Of, True Detective, or even The Sinner, which is currently in the midst of its run on USA. It’s very good, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out. Based on the first episode, we can also say that Absentia is very good — if you watch one of them, you’re probably going to be hooked the rest of the way.

We wish we had something more to report on when it comes to a US TV home, but alas we don’t. The same goes for a Canadian premiere date, but the country’s broadcaster Showcase is not tipping their cap in any way beyond just a stamp that says “Coming Soon” on its homepage.

Want some more Absentia news?

Then be sure to head over to the link here! That’s where you can see the first official cast photo for the series, with a little bit of additional analysis thrown in there. In some territories, Absentia will begin airing later this month.

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