Outlander season 3: Jamie Fraser’s burdens; a season 2 marathon

Outlander season 3“Perhaps the greatest burden lies in caring for those we cannot help, not for having no one for whom to care. Emptiness, but no great burden.”

This is what Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) utters in the latest Twitter promo for Outlander season 3, the latest batch of episodes premiering on Starz in just over one week. Can you believe that September 10 is almost here? Waiting for almost a year and a half for more new episodes very much felt like a burden in its own right.

This quote above is the foundation for what is the remainder of the story this coming season, with every sign pointing towards it being a powerful one. There is a purpose behind describing it as a “great burden” — it is worthwhile. There’s a helplessness for Jamie that comes with not being able to help Claire (Caitriona Balfe), and that is where much of his sorrow is going to come from during the earlier portion of season 3. Yet, knowing that he had that romance and that passion in his life is better than never having it at all. Emptiness is living a shell of an existence, and if there’s one thing that we should all be able to say about Jamie through watching the first two seasons of the show, it is that this is very much a man who is living his life to the fullest. He felt like he did the right thing letting her go, but he was always convinced that he was not going to survive what happened at Culloden.

You’ll see much of Jamie’s great battle, both physical and emotional, in the opening episodes of the season. Meanwhile, you will also see Claire begin her new life in the 20th century, raising her child in Brianna. She thinks that he is dead until the events of “Dragonfly in Amber,” so her position in regards to Jamie is different — she raises Bree as the last essence of him that she has, and we don’t think that she treats that as a burden. However, that could change knowing that he is alive and there is a way to get back to him. As you saw in that season 2 finale, being away from him was a thought that she did not want to accept anymore.


If you want to catch up on Outlander season 2…

Rest assured that there are some venues for you out there! If you have Starz Edge, there is basically a marathon of the entire season happening all day long (it started at 8:00 a.m.). Granted, if you also subscribe to the network you can choose to watch old episodes anytime on the app or On-Demand. The network is giving you plenty of opportunities to prepare.

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