Chicago Fire season 6 promo hypes up ‘who will die?’ mystery

Chicago Fire season 6 promoThe first major Chicago Fire season 6 promo is now on the internet, and it plays heavily into one question: Who will die?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t do a whole lot when it comes to answering this said question. Instead, what it does is amp up some of the fears and paranoia that you could be losing a beloved character by the end of the season. If you’re interested in suspects, just remember that Mouch, Severide, Casey, and Herrmann are all in varying degrees of danger. Hopefully, all four will make it out of there alive, but there isn’t quite a guarantee of that. Mouch had a heart attack in the worst possible place. Meanwhile, Casey took off his helmet to relay a message to Dawson. This is not the sort of move that is made by someone who anticipates surviving.

We do think that this Chicago Fire season 6 promo does a good job of making you think that it could be Casey who dies, judging from the fact that you do see his portrait at the end of the episode during what could very well be a funeral service. Yet, this also seems too obvious — why would NBC give you almost a month in advance photographic proof that you could be losing one of the show’s most-notable characters? It’s just something that we have a hard time believing to be true, even if some promos out there for other shows have tripped up over this.

Maybe with some other shows, you wouldn’t even worry at all about whether or not someone is going to die — however, you do have to worry about that with this one. They’ve gotten rid of a beloved character after a cliffhanger before (Leslie Shay) and they could easily do that again. It reinforces the idea that nobody is safe, and that any character could go at (almost) any time. (We don’t think they’d kill someone in a Christmas episode, hence the word “almost.”)

Beyond just the challenge of resolving the big cliffhanger, there is another challenge awaiting Chicago Fire in a new timeslot. For the first time, the series is moving over to Thursday nights, where it is going to be competing against different programming and without the generous lead-ins that it’s had over the years from the likes of This Is Us or The Voice. Hopefully, the show survives, just as we also hope that we get to see some of the characters survive.

What do you think about this Chicago Fire season 6 promo?

Be sure to share in the comments below right now! Meanwhile, head over here if you do want to see the new Chicago Fire season 6 poster — it doesn’t give much away, but it may be something you enjoy looking at. (Photo: NBC.)

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