Zoo season 3 episode 11 spoilers: So much for cliffhangers…

Zoo season 3 episode 11Even without seeing Zoo season 3 episode 11, we can already question CBS on one subject: What’s with the new promo? (Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen said promo yet.)

Think of things this way: The August 31 episode ended with the majority of the main characters appearing to die as a result of Abigail Westbrook’s rampage. Abraham was stabbed, while Jackson, Jamie, and Mitch were all in terrible shape after getting shot. Did we assume that the majority, if not all of the characters were going to survive what happened? Absolutely, but we didn’t need to promo to confirm that some of them are alive and well just yet! This sort of cliffhanger is completely wasted now, but that’s probably not as big of a deal as it would’ve been otherwise when you consider that the show is probably going to drop another few hundred twists on us before the end of the season. By this time next week, there’s probably going to be a number of other discussion points that we can hit at.

The synopsis below does indicate some of what’s coming beyond of course what’s going on with the cliffhanger resolution.

Zoo season 3 episode 11 synopsis – “As the team is trapped inside the plane by toxic spores surrounding them, complications arise during the delivery of Clementine’s baby.”

It should probably be the most predictable thing for Zoo ever that the birth of Clementine’s child is not going to go according to plan. Did you ever consider even for a split second that it would? What we wonder about more than anything is what Clementine’s child is going to be like. Will they possess some sort of special powers or serve some sort of grander purpose? These are things that the show probably will need to address in the limited time that it has left.

As for the team, we wonder if they’re going to survive once again their new predicament … but if them being trapped in the plan is Abigail’s doing, we also don’t know why she didn’t just kill them when she had the golden opportunity.

One more thing we hope…

The producers of Zoo were probably aware that season 3 could be the last one for the show, and with that, we hope that there’s a fitting end to all of the madness later this summer. With the ratings being what they are, it’s hard to be all that optimistic for the future. Even though you can blame football preemptions or cite a Netflix deal as a reason to bring the show back, its numbers aren’t all that different from shows on The CW at this point. We can hope for a miracle, but we also don’t want to create any false pretense that the series is in good shape.

What are your expectations for Zoo season 3 episode 11, and are you disappointed in any way that CBS spoiled so much of episode 10’s conclusion so quickly? Be sure to share in the comments.

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