America’s Got Talent season 12: One wild-card semifinal act is coming

America's Got Talent season 12America’s Got Talent season 12 has already picked the first 21 of the 22 semifinal acts. With that, what’s coming with the other pick?

Well, it just so turns out that the Tuesday, September 5 episode is going to feature one wild-card act to go along with everyone else who advanced from the three live performance shows. This is important mostly because there are so many deserving acts who didn’t manage to get through in one form or another. If we had to pick our top five personal contenders, they’d go something like this.

Just Jerk – They lost the vote to advance after the judges let America make the decision, and we could use a little more dance representation in the next round. They are very good, and didn’t quite get the love they deserved.

Demian Aditya – The reasoning for this is rather simple: His act got screwed up this past outing, and he didn’t really do anything wrong. This could be a chance for him to prove himself and get the chance he deserves. He’d probably be the person we’d choose if we really had to just pick one, mostly because he’s the only performer this past round who was really eliminated in part for something that wasn’t his fault. (Light Balance had technical issues, but they still advanced.)

Angelina Green – She lost the vote against Greater Works Choir because of the judges, but she has Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer and a ton of support online. We just wonder if the amount of singers in the semifinal hurts her.

Pompeyo Family Dogs – We were honestly shocked that they didn’t get through to the next round in the first place, given that they were all so energetic and super-entertaining when we last saw them. While Sara & Hero are through to the semifinals already, we can envision there being another dog act thrown in there.

Puddles Pity Party – We thought about putting Bello Nock in this spot, but we have a hard time seeing someone be a wild-cart act on two different occasions. Puddles does have the same problem as Angelina in that he is yet another singer, but he is different than the majority of the other singers and he just suffered from doing something that was a little off-kilter from the brand he’d showed leading up to then.

The acts who do advance in the semifinal round will make it to the big finale and have a shot at the million dollars … though it’s probably a very small shot. This is a show where often the frontrunners are obvious people who dominated the majority of the season. Right now, it feels pretty clear that Darci Lynne and Mandy Harvey are going to be the two left standing in the end.

Who do you want to see as a wild card moving into the America’s Got Talent semifinals? Be sure to let us know in the comments, or the attached poll below! (Photo: NBC.)


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