Fuller House season 3 bringing in Lonzo Ball; why?

Lonzo BallYou can certainly file this under news we didn’t imagine reporting: Lonzo Ball is coming to Fuller House season 3.

For those who haven’t seen some of the sports headlines of the past few months, Ball is the new point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers who was taken #2 in the NBA Draft earlier this year. Perhaps more infamously, he is now for having a father in LaVar Ball who is a tremendous blowhard who says a bunch of ridiculous stuff and gets attention for it. Lonzo is apparently the one joining the Netflix comedy for attention, and we’re almost shocked that they also didn’t cast LaVar as someone bragging that he could do everything better than DJ and Stephanie.

According to Variety, Lonzo is coming onto the show in the part of himself (fittingly), who visits the Fuller home in San Francisco in order to recruit someone to join the Lakers organization. Do players really have that sort of power, especially rookies? Why is he going all the way to San Francisco for recruitment? There are a ton of questions here, but this is probably the sort of thing that is better when you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it.

The truth here is that Fuller House does have a lot of random cameos, whether it be Dancing with the Stars pros or famous athletes. We don’t know precisely what the purpose of many of them are other than to bring a small bit more attention to a show that is, at its best, lighthearted family fun. We don’t foresee it winning any Emmys, but that’s really not the point here.

For Lonzo, the point of him doing this is simple: It’s a chance to boost his image in a positive way and do something that he hasn’t really done before in act. He and his family already have a reality show over at Facebook entitled Ball in the Family, which really is just one more move in their effort to create some sort of global empire for themselves. They’ve got the Big Baller Brand, and both of Lonzo’s younger brothers have some aspirations of making it to the NBA at some point in the future. The Lakers are a team that loves the spotlight, and when you think about their history you really can’t be all that shocked that they would want Lonzo and, in turn, that Lonzo would want them.

What do you think about Lonzo Ball signing up for Fuller House season 3, and is there anything that you think that he will actually bring to the table? Share in the comments!

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