Crime Dynamic Duos: Sharon & Andy of Major Crimes 2017 champions

Crime Dynamic DuosThe Crime Dynamic Duos tournament is officially over for the year of 2017, and what a tournament it was! Thanks once more to everyone for all of their votes and support this year; there were tens of thousands of you, and we hope you enjoyed taking part in this as much as we enjoyed putting this on.

In the end, the winner for this tournament is a duo in Sharon & Andy of Major Crimes who fought hard the whole way through. They came into the tournament this year after coming close in 2016, and they were rallied and more ready to go than ever before. They were passionate, supportive, and even if they came into the tournament as one of our four #1 seeds, they did navigate many difficult battles.

As a matter of fact, the closest battle of the entire tournament was one that few probably saw coming: In the third round, the duo otherwise known as “Shandy” faced off against underdogs Alex & Ryan of Quanticoand at one point days into that voting they held an edge of just under ten percentage points. Yet, they kept fighting and were able to make it into the next round. They squared off against a worthy opponent in the finale in Steve & Danny of Hawaii Five-0and were able to score victory with 76% of the vote in their favor.

We want to extend our heartiest congratulations to all of the fans who took their time to vote! The love for these characters is the direct result of many different people, whether it be Major Crimes showrunner James Duff, the actors behind the roles in Mary McDonnell and Tony Denison, and many of the co-stars and crew members who help ensure that these are two of the best roles in all of crime TV. You’ve gotten to know these characters very well over time, and they’re a part of our routine anytime that new episodes of Major Crimes are on the air. You root for Sharon and Andy to succeed professionally, and you also root for them to succeed romantically. They’ve been through a lot in their lives, and it’s nice to see that these characters have found each other. It may be a fictional world, but there is some inspiration in that.

Hopefully, this Crime Dynamic Duos victory helps to create some more excitement for Major Crimes season 6, which is premiering later this fall over on TNT. It’s a show we’re looking forward to covering once more, and we certainly hope that it’s not the final one. The network does like to keep you waiting on those announcements, don’t they? (If you love Hawaii Five-0, don’t worry — we’ll also be covering that show extensively. Any show that fared well in this tournament is obviously worthy of more love and coverage on the site.)

Once more, thanks everyone for participating. The next poll series on CarterMatt will be coming this November with our annual Golden Globes preview.

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