The Blacklist season 5 spoilers: Liz, Tom, and Reddington tension galore

Blacklist season 5 spoilersIn this edition of The Blacklist season 5 spoilers, we’re discusses what is in many ways the show’s Bermuda triangle: Liz, Tom, and Reddington. Many different things can be destroyed when you throw these three together, and there is always a mystery surrounding how they are going to work and operate around each other.

For the first four seasons, we saw examples of just how often they were at odds. The relationship between Tom and Reddington is not a stable one, and while Tom’s tolerated his presence at times, he certainly does not consider him part of the family. Well, that may be complicated now by it being shown that Reddington is (apparently) Liz’s father. He is family, and it doesn’t matter of Tom likes it or not. The suitcase mystery (read more about that over here) could compromise the relationship that Liz has with Reddington to some degree, but there’s no guarantee that any tension that is there will last. It’s also possible that Tom, even though he is in possession of a valuable suitcase (read more about that here), may not know entirely what it is that he actually has. That is something that he may need to figure out a little bit more over time.

If you do want to get some more information about the delightfully-twisted relationship that does exist between these three characters, you don’t have to look beyond what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s a relief that Tom is back and that they can be a family again, and they can physically be together … It’s also an incredible source of conflict in their relationship because Reddington has really no love for Tom Keen. Elizabeth Keen is kryptonite to Tom. She is the thing that keeps him alive. In fact, Reddington probably would’ve killed Tom a long time ago had Liz not cared for him so much. And so, in terms of them as a couple, it’s great news that Tom is back. In terms of the dynamic of that threesome, that now very literal familial threesome, it is a powder keg.”

Do Liz and Tom have reason to figure this out?

Absolutely. For one, you do need to remember that they are parents to a child in Agnes, and the shared love that they have for this kid may bind them together. They also do care about each other, but the problem is that Reddington may not be the only source of their problems. There may not be many Blacklist season 5 spoilers out there yet about the return of Terry O’Quinn as Howard Hargrave, but we find it hard to imagine that Tom is going to go an entire season without the cliffhanger of The Blacklist: Redemption being discussed in some way. If this mission comes and distracts Tom/pushes him away from Liz, it could be a sense of further tension.

How big of an impact do you think that Tom is going to have on Reddington and Liz on The Blacklist season 5? Share in the comments below!

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