Queen of the South season 3 premiere date speculation

Queen of the South season 3 premiere dateIf you are looking forward to getting a Queen of the South season 3 premiere date in the wake of tonight’s finale,  it makes sense. After getting through what has been a heck of an intense batch of episodes, of course you would want to see more!

Unfortunately, the truth here is that the show’s going to be off the air now for a rather long time, but at least you do know that it’s coming back, right? USA already confirmed that they will be giving the show another run in the summer, and this makes perfect sense no matter how you slice it. This is a show that generates some very good ratings for them, and more than that, they’re incredibly steady. It doesn’t require an extensive amount of promotion and gets roughly the same number of total viewers almost every week. There aren’t a whole lot of other series on the schedule that you can say something similar about at all.

So when thinking about the Queen of the South season 3 premiere date, you have to think that the folks over at USA are going to want to do everything in their power in order to ensure that the show comes back at around the same time of the year that it did this season. Our feeling as a result of that is that you’ll see the third season start up in early June. The second season started in June 8, and as a result of that, we feel like June 7 or June 14 are reasonable premiere-date expectations. We figure that the show could start later in the month if it really wants to (it will still be done before the networks kick off their fall season), but there’s little reason to go that late. Given that there’s less competition from NFL football and other stuff earlier in the summer, why not strike while the iron is hot and give people what they want precisely when they want it?

No matter when the show does premiere, though, one thing remains very much true: Queen of the South is not a show that seems to be on its way out the door anytime soon. So long as there are creatively more interesting stories to tell and the ratings remain what they are, there’s no reason for USA to get rid of it. Plus, shows like this with so many different characters, twists, and turns can often go on for a while — the only fear is that sooner or later, Teresa’s going to find herself in too deep to where it’s not realistic anymore that she survives.

What do you want the Queen of the South season 3 premiere date to be, and do you have any hopes for the story? Share in the comments below right now!

Also, if you missed it you should head over here right now to take advantage of an opportunity to preview the big finale episode and what’s coming up there story-wise. (Photo: USA.)

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