Suits season 7 spoilers: Show boss on big Gretchen episode, more

Suits season 7 spoilersWant to see some more Suits season 7 spoilers in the aftermath of the big 100th episode? Well, there are exciting things to come!

In some shape or form, we’d understand feeling reasonably unsure about the future course of the series given what we saw unfold tonight. After all, remember that the 100th episode tied up the prison case, and that was the one that was really at the core of the entire first part of the season. Moving forward from here, there are going to be chances to see some other stories develop … even if there is not a lot of time left over the final two episodes this summer.

However, don’t believe for a second that we’ve tied up every loose end at all with the prison case ending, and we don’t just mean that because of what Harvey and Louis each decided to do tonight. Speaking per Deadline, show creator Aaron Korsh notes that there are many things coming over the next two episodes that are hugely important and could set the stage for the remainder of this season:

“The things that befall us in 9 and 10 in large part are things that were laid in during the first six seasons, but in large part in the first 8-9 episodes this season. A lot of things will come back to haunt us. In addition to that, we’ve got a new villain who would come out of the woodwork. Plus, we’ll see Gretchen (played by Aloma Wright), we’ll see Lipschitz (played by Ray Proscia). Gretchen has a very strong episode in 9, maybe the best ever.”

It doesn’t seem like there are any plans to tie everything together for any of these characters by the time we make it to the end of the summer season. As a matter of fact, Korsh is quick to note that there are no plans to do this very thing at all. There will be more opportunities to focus on Louis and Donna throughout the remainder of the season (including the back six) because of the decisions that they made tonight. Donna for sure should take this as a win given that she shouldn’t settle for an affair with a man who may not leave his wife; however, the problem for Louis is that Sheila doesn’t seem to be doing anything different. She just wanted to sleep with him for one final time and have that be it. The thing you have to question is whether or not this final time is really the final time at all.

One way or another, it looks as though there are some great stories to come the rest of the way.

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