Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The long-game eviction plan (day 71, evening)

Big Brother 19Say what you will about Paul on Big Brother 19but he is clearly someone thinking far into the future in terms of what he wants.

Tomorrow night, we already know what he wants to see happen beyond just Matt leaving the game. He wants to see Christmas win Head of Household, and to use her in order to take down either Jason or Alex, preferably Jason. They realize that with him gone, Alex and Kevin will never work with each other and that gives them some additional options. Paul’s idea seems to be to have Raven win at final six in order to take out either Raven or Alex, and then have Josh win at five to take out one of the other ones. Paul wants to win the final four Veto, given that this enables him to be safe and avoid that dreaded spot where the final four Veto holder really controls who goes home. At this point in the game, anyone would want to take a shot at him.

We haven’t gotten a sense so far that we could actually see Christmas or Josh evict Paul before the end of the game, but we have to think that it’s something they will consider if they get far enough. These people actually want to win Big Brother 19, right? Paul beats either one of them. Paul actually beats probably anyone if he makes it there, provided that the jury does choose to reward the person playing the best overall game.

The biggest threat in Paul’s way at this point is Jason, who has shown time and time again to be good in competitions and reasonably well-liked by other people in the house. The one thing that does help Paul is that Jason’s not exactly a mastermind when it comes to knowing the days and the mental competitions — Alex is trying to help him, but this isn’t his forte and there are a lot of these at the end of the game. This is why it is rather dangerous to keep Alex around longer than another week or two — she does know the game well, and is more than capable of winning some of these competitions.

One of the crummy things about tonight/probably tomorrow is that there is going to be almost no drama in the eviction vote. Matt wants to leave over Raven and isn’t campaigning to stay. Meanwhile, Raven isn’t doing too much either — she’s asked for reassurance here and there, but that’s about it. There’s no real reason to stress.

Here is the good news

The Kevin-bashing, which has become a huge part of the season as of late, isn’t going to be happening tonight. We’re probably going to see it on tomorrow’s show, so be prepared for that.

Oh, and we’re also going to be in attendance for the live eviction show Thursday! We won’t have a live review up during the episode because of that, but will be around after the fact for more discussion. (Photo: CBS.)

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