Suits season 7 episode 8 review: Sheila, Frank Gallo, and surprises in 100th episode

Suits season 7 episode 8

The 100th episode of Suits (otherwise known as Suits season 7 episode 8) started off with a scene that is really only familiar from the past few episodes: Harvey and Paula Agard. However, after that it got a little bit more interesting with Donna calling her ex Mark and starting to retrace her past. She is trying to figure out what in the world she is missing from her life, and while she is enormously successful, she still feels a void.

Well, it just so turned out that this reunion between Donna and Mark was not what anyone expected. Mark was married, and she was not open to the idea of an affair with him. He was having issues with his wife, and you could sense both the history and the tension in that room. Jay Harrington was pretty darn perfect for this role.

For most of the 100th episode, the past proved itself to be a key theme. After all, we had the long-awaited return of Louis’ ex Sheila, who now works for Columbia after previously stating she would never leave Harvard. She is engaged now, and obviously the thought of that makes Louis feel a certain way.

Here’s where these romantic storylines connected — Donna and Louis both bonded over their shared heartache, and she subtly referenced that one of those great loves she was losing was Harvey. It felt like in this moment that things appeared to be over, but then … issues arrived. For one, Mark asked to spend the night to Donna, and Sheila asked to be with Louis. They wouldn’t be anymore than quick fixes for the moment, but the offers were still there. Donna was going to think about it, and she was seemingly pushed in that way thanks to seeing Paula at the firm and realizing that she was of no use to her.

Robert Zane gets involved in the prison case

This past week, Harvey decided to try to smooth over the drama as much as he could, siding effectively with Alex thanks to the favor he owed him from the past. Herein lies the problem: We had the return of Robert this week, and he got on the other side. The prisoners had one of the best lawyers ever on their side, and that made things complicated — especially when Rachel was called out in court as a means to keep Frank Gallo from testifying.

Unfortunately, another thing that we did not see coming was the end of Frank Gallo’s life. He was killed in his prison cell before he could testify. The question eventually became whether or not Alex could find his way out of his sticky situation with the court case, and if Tommy Bratton, the guy who built this house of cards in the first place. He was on the wrong side of history, and Harvey used some leverage in order to convince him to resign. Through these actions, everyone basically got what they wanted … at least other than Frank, who in the end just wanted to help his daughter. In the end Mike was still able to do that, paying her a visit in the closing minutes and telling him that he’s a “decent man.”

Back to personal decisions

Paula and Harvey had their anniversary dinner, which for a moment or two made us feel like it was going to be their last dinner. However, Harvey admitted that he wouldn’t have known it was an anniversary were it not for Donna, but he was still looking to give her keys to his place anyway.

After that, the episode ended with both Louis and Donna deciding what they wanted to do in relation to their recent “offers.” Both made it to the hotel. However, Donna opted not to go inside after getting a text from Rachel. However, Louis Litt went inside. Isn’t that going to be a problem?


Suits season 7 episode 8 was a celebration of the show. You had weird relationships, dream sequences, amazingness via Louis Litt, and some good court-case stuff. This was fascinating, dramatic, and pretty close to perfect for what we wanted from the show here. Grade: A.

What lies ahead in Suits season 7 episode 9?

Well, just because it’s not the 100th episode doesn’t mean that the story is any less important. Head over to the link here for some additional details. Also, tell us in the comments what you thought about Suits season 7 episode 8. (Photo: USA.)

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