Big Brother 19 episode 30 review: The Matt & Raven blindside

Matt & RavenOn Big Brother 19 episode 30 on CBS Wednesday night, we were all about one thing: The simple pleasures. For us, the simplest pleasure is getting to see Matt & Raven blindsided by Kevin not going up as a replacement nominee.

Before we got to that moment, though, there were a few other entertaining segments, starting with the one mocking the majority of the houseguests for acting as though Kevin was some enormous super-sketchy target. Anything that makes these people look silly, we’re all for it! Kevin isn’t doing anything to anyone at the moment.

As for the Veto Competition itself, we do really enjoy the annual Hide the Veto mess. It’s a chance to see the houseguests get creative, though hiding it in the seat cushions really is not that creative anymore. Also, we were slightly disappointed that there were no amazing freakouts about someone’s stuff getting destroyed. That is something that does happen here and there — just look at last season.

We do think in the aftermath of said Veto, the show did a good job presenting Jason’s dilemma as accurately as possible. It was clear that Jason didn’t want to nominate Kevin because of their friendship; however, Alex really wanted it to happen, and for some reason why wasn’t being honest as to why in either her conversations to him or in the Diary Room. This wasn’t about her trying to help Jason in jury. This was, instead, more about her just wanting out someone she didn’t like to help herself down the line. Why lie in the DR, Alex? Never understood that.

The Veto Meeting itself

This was our main event, and there was something reasonably palpable about the tension in the room even though we knew what was going to happen. The funniest part was Raven telling him that she trusted him. Jason justified to not use the Veto because of “core beliefs” — whatever that means. He decided to blindside the two of them and annoy everyone else.

The odd thing about this was Jason asking them if they had any immediate questions, and they said “no.” Also, Raven cried in the Diary Room after the fact and talked about how much the game means to her. Doesn’t the game mean a lot to everyone? We hate that argument more than we can possibly say?

The best part of the episode may have been all of the super-weird shots that we got of the various people at the end of the episode, including Jason chilling in the storage room after the fact — something that we know Matt is going to be mad about on Thursday’s show.

Overall, this episode at least was entertaining — it was better than the feeds, anyway. Grade: B.

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