See Stana Katic and more in new Absentia cast photo

Absentia cast photoThe details for Stana Katic’s next TV project Absentia keep creeping in — and today, they’re in the form of a new cast photo!

This new photo comes courtesy of the show’s official Twitter account, and we would describe this one in one word: Chilling. How else do you describe people that are out in one of the world’s creepiest forests, one where almost everything beyond the people appears to be dead? It seems like anything could jump out of these dark woods at any given moment.

If you are to look at this forest in a deeper way, we do think that there are a few more things that you can say about it. For example, let’s look at the play of darkness and light. Where Katic’s Emily Byrne is right now is darkness exemplified. She is someone who’s spent the better part of six years in suffering, and to make matters worse, she doesn’t remember any of it. All she remembers is pain and torment.

Yet, there is still some hope, and we think that this is what the light at the back represents. With everyone at her back supporting her (provided that they all really are supporting her…), she may be able to make it through this darkness and discover the light. This is a show about finding answers, and enduring whatever comes on the way to making that happen.

We do love promotional photos like this since you can tell that there was some serious thought that was put into them. One other thing that’s interesting here is the official account’s claim in their tweet that “clues are everywhere.” Is there some sort of secret message here? It’s certainly possible, and we look forward to seeing some of your thoughts on the subject below.

How to watch Absentia

Check your local listings depending on where you are. If you’re in Europe, many iterations of AXN are carrying Absentia and are set to roll it out beginning in September. Meanwhile, it will broadcast on Showcase in Canada, but there is no precise word as to when it will be on.

We’re still waiting to learn who the US broadcaster for the show will be — even though the folks behind the scenes at Sony have apparently known for weeks. The one thing that we can say about this is that the announcement is probably up to the network in question. They want to make the announcement in the best venue possible, so we’re just waiting to learn the timing of that to be revealed. (Maybe they’ll spring it on us without any sort of warning, but we’ll be there to hopefully cover it one way or another.)

Want some additional news regarding Absentia season 1?

Our most recent feature, which you can read over at the link here, focuses on an array of other promo images pertaining to the show. (Photo: Sony.)

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