Teen Wolf season 6 episode 16 video: The Scott – Malia kiss is here

Scott - Malia kissMrs. Carter: Have you been waiting to see the Scott – Malia kiss on Teen Wolf from the moment it was first announced?

If you did, we’ve got for you now some extremely great news! If you look below, you can see for the first time a look at these two characters coming together in a romantic moment for the first time. This is something that’s been effectively teased for many weeks now, and it’s really just been a matter of waiting for the actual kiss to come around.

Now, it is, and there will probably be many more questions that come along with this. For example, we do have to wait and see precisely what Stiles will think about this, and if this kiss turns into something lasting or just a short fling between the two characters. You have to remember ultimately that these people are still young, and with that, they’re not always going to make decisions with the long-term future in mind. We do think that there are a lot of things pulling these two together as a couple, though, started with their shared history of trauma and suffering. Few other people are going to understand what they’ve went through, just as there are also going to be very few people out there who actually start to comprehend what it is like to be a werewolf in general.

In context, this sneak peek makes sense for some other reasons, with one of the biggest ones being that it is Malia that makes the move on Scott first. This suits her character, who tends to be very proactive with what she wants, and her problem now comes in waiting to see how some of these feelings are fully accepted by Scott and if he wants to be with her in turn.

Given that there are only five more episodes to go on Teen Wolf before the show reaches its end, that is not a heck of a lot of time for some of these stories to tie up. Luckily, we do know that Jeff Davis and the writers have been rather good in the past in coming up with some creative ways to move the story forward. It also helps in this case that Malia and Scott have known each other for a long time and therefore have some sort of built-in friendship. Sometimes, that can be important for taking romantic relationships to the next level.

We do know this: This isn’t the idea of Scott and Malia. Odds are, you remember a certain shower scene from the trailer, no?

What do you think is going to be coming on Teen Wolf following the Scott – Malia kiss? Be sure to share your thoughts / theories in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here for some additional news on what is coming up for the show. One of the few teases that we can offer is that you are going to get a chance to see a mission where Liam and Theo are at the center. (Photo: MTV.)

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