The Sinner episode 6 spoilers: Cora pushes Ambrose to the brink

Sinner episode 6As we get more into The Sinner episode 6 airing on USA September 6, the more one thing will be clear: Everyone is on edge. There still won’t be complete answers as to Cora’s past and present state, and there are still many loose ends that need to be tied up.

Well, this coming episode is going to give you a chance to see things start to take even more turns for the weird, thanks largely to some of the craziness we’re going to experience courtesy of the likes of Cora convincing Ambrose to take another big risk on her behalf. We think it’s pretty darn easy to figure out why she would want him to make some more moves, given that she doesn’t believe in her own guilt on the same level that she used to. However, at the same time we do think that the more she pushes him, the more he could end up causing himself to get into some danger in his own career.

If you look below, you can get a quick sense of some of the main story that is going to be coming up next.

The Sinner episode 6 synopsis – “As Ambrose begins to waver, Cora convinces him to take his greatest risk yet for the case.”

It may be hard to think that we are in the home stretch of the series, but that is actually the case. There are only a handful of stories left for the series to tell, and with that, we’re going to have to watch and see how the producers decide to unfold things from here on out. Our personal hope is that they’ll give us some reveals in steady fashion the rest of the season, mostly because it’s probably not a great move for The Sinner to wait until the very last minute and try to explain everything away then. In doing that, you are more than likely setting yourself up for a little bit more of a fall where nothing will feel as explained as it should be.

The promo

Well, let’s just say that this is where things are going to be intense. The Sinner episode 6 is going to feature Ambrose bringing Cora back to the country club, the place that she keeps thinking about in one form or another in her visions. Will being there trigger all of her memories? This is what he is banking on, and maybe staking much of his reputation on in the process.

In doing this, one other thing is going to start to feel a little bit more clear: Someone is going to start to be very nervous about what’s going on here.

Is there anything that you especially want to see on The Sinner episode 6, and do you anticipate that Ambrose is going to find himself in some serious trouble by the end of this? Share in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to this link in the event you want to get some additional news when it comes to the show. Just get ready for a crazy season the rest of the way. (Photo: USA.)

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