Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The tables turn on Alex (day 71, afternoon)

Big BrotherJust one day ago, Alex was going to town on Kevin and thought she was riding high in the Big Brother 19 house. Is that about to change?

Well, we can at least say that Raven is starting to get intentionally wound up about going after her and Jason, more so than she even was before. In a conversation this afternoon with Christmas, she told her that she’ll make sure that Alex and Jason think that she wants to go after Kevin, but the reality is that she wants one of them out of the game. Christmas, in turn, fanned the flames by telling her that Alex was responsible in part for making Kevin think that it was her who dumped out the slop. (Kevin actually figured out on his own that Alex probably did it herself, but this is still a move that Alex intentionally tried to do for the sake of being mean.)

Raven, for the record, still feels good with Paul, which is probably one of the funniest things that’s been said all week given that everyone in the game feels good with Paul and like he is their best friend in the game. We give half of the credit to him for being so good at the game to make them completely brainwashed, and then half of the blame to them for being so ridiculously naive. Why they want to believe him and his nonsense is completely beyond our comprehension.

One other thing we don’t understand? Why Raven isn’t more panicked about her own game given that her #1 ally in Matt is almost certainly getting voted out tomorrow night.

If Alex doesn’t win Head of Household on Thursday, she and Jason are probably screwed and she probably doesn’t even realize it. The one thing that would be funnier than her downfall at this point would be her willingly throwing the HoH and then being blindsided. This is what we’re rooting for at this point with so few likable people left (and with Kevin likely to go before the final three) — give us moments where some of these arrogant people realize that they’re not anywhere near as good as they think that they are. We’re rooting for the dumpster fire and to see some people realize some of the mistakes that they’ve made. There’s still a chance for some interesting gameplay down the line for this reason and this reason only.

Want to know more of Paul’s plan?

This is something that we discussed a little bit earlier in our morning update! Check that over at the link here, as we explain what Mr. Friendship wants for the next few weeks before getting down to what is currently his desired final three of himself, Josh, and Christmas. (Photo: CBS.)

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