Mr. Robot season 3 trailer: This revolution will be televised

Mr. Robot season 3Mr. Robot season 3 may not have aired this summer, but it will be here before long. On October 11, the latest chapter is here. It’s another crack into Elliot’s brain, and another opportunity to bare witness to what may be the most complicated revolutions in New York City history. It’s a battle against the big guys, but it’s also a battle of characters versus their inner selves. There’s doing the right thing, but then there’s also trying to ensure you’re not doing too much of the wrong thing in order to make it happen.

Are we a little too abstract? Maybe, but Mr. Robot is an abstract series constructed through heartbeats of various characters trying to make their way through the world. They’re thinking about change, and there’s a reason why the cinematography feels so underground and distinct. This is a show meant to make you think not only about the story, but the validity of the story. Who are the people telling the story, and why are they so intent on giving you a chance to see what Elliot wants you to see as opposed to what actually exists? The show itself is complicit on Elliot’s behavior and ideology, and this in part what makes it interesting. It alternates between his own cyber-propaganda and the truth.

The third season is set to unlock more of the mystery in the plan to take down Evil Corp and establish a new equilibrium for the world, but there are many problems that fsociety will face. In addition to Elliot being his own worst enemy, there is also the problem of law enforcement getting involved. Grace Gummer is going to continue to be a substantial part of the show this season, and she presents arguably one of the bigger threats that we’ve seen just because she doesn’t see the world through a typical law enforcement mind.

Just like with season 2, every episode is being directed by show creator Sam Esmail, who is looking to give it a unique experience wholly different than any other show out there. It’s one of the most innovative shows on TV with a top-level performance from Malek, and this season marks a chance to get the critics back on its side after a polarizing stretch last summer. While nobody ever doubted the strength of the performances or the intelligence of the writing, there were many who felt like the central twist with Elliot being in prison much of the season came too late and stretched the whole nature of the narrator’s reliability too far.

What is your take on the Mr. Robot season 3 trailer?

Do you think that this is the thing that is going to make the show back into the sensation that it once was? Be sure to share in the attached comments below right now! Once there is some additional news related to the series to report on, we will have that for you here. (Photo: USA.)

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