Longmire season 6 notes: Odds, ends, and sets

Longmire season 6We’re still waiting for that ever-elusive Longmire season 6 premiere date, but we want to give you a few assorted updates to make that wait easier.

First, let’s start off with the smallest bits of scoop on what is coming in the final season. Note that we say “scoop” rather than “spoilers,” given that we don’t think that this gives much of anything away. It’s just confirmation that certain actors are going to get some screen time together.

In a new post on Twitter, Lou Diamond Phillips recently confirmed (see below) that he will have many a great scene with both A Martinez (Jacob Nighthorse) and Zach McClarnon (Mathias) over the course of the season. Did we on some level assume that some of this was going to come to pass? Certainly, but mostly because there are reasons for Henry Standing Bear to share the screen with each one of these characters. Thanks to his legal history and his role as Hector, Henry has plenty of reasons to be in the same orbit as Mathias. Meanwhile, it also makes some sense that he and Nighthorse could cross paths given the cliffhanger that existed between Henry and Malachi Strand — a man with plenty of ties to Nighthorse over the years.

We’ll see how some of these relationships manifest themselves when Longmire premieres — for now, it looks like it will start streaming in Netflix this October. Click here for more evidence.

Now, let’s talk some good news via Craig Johnson

Johnson is the man responsible for starting it all, and without his words there would be no Walt Longmire in either the books or, in turn, the show. Therefore, you’ve got plenty of reasons to check out his book series — and there is another one on the way! For more information on his new Walt Longmire book The Western Star, check out his Facebook page. It’s going to be heading to shelves in just a week!

Meanwhile, Johnson also shared another Twitter video that shows you the work and the effort that goes into building one of the show’s extensive sets. Hopefully, this gives you even more of an appreciation for the work that the folks down in New Mexico do in order to make this show a success. There’s a ton of attention-to-detail that goes into almost every little thing, and we appreciate some of that effort.

Want to get some other news when it comes to Longmire?

Rest assured that we’ve got plenty of good stuff coming your way! Our suggestion is that you head over to this link in the event you want some additional updates on what Katee Sackhoff is up to now that she’s done filming.

Just remember this: Longmire may be done insofar as the series is, but there are other forms in which it can exist. Think in terms of Johnson’s novels, and there is still hope for a movie down the road. Expect nothing, but you never know what could happen. (Photo: Netflix.)

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