Game of Thrones season 7 finale: Cut scene may have explained Sansa decision

Sansa twistThe Game of Thrones season 7 finale may have done many great things, but one of the more controversial moments revolved around Sansa Stark. As awesome as the whole twist with Littlefinger was — this is a dude who’s had this coming for a rather long time — the circumstances were not entirely clear. Were we supposed to believe that Sansa had only recently come to the decision that Petyr Baelish was bad news and needed to die, or was this something that there was a plan in place about for a rather long time? This is a question that wasn’t accurately addressed in the finale.

Well, we have a little more information now, though we would say that this doesn’t answer every question that is out there, either. Speaking per Variety, the man behind Bran Stark in Isaac Hempstead-Wright made it clear that his character originally had a big role in this reveal:

“We actually did a scene that clearly got cut, a short scene with Sansa where she knocks on Bran’s door and says, ‘I need your help,’ or something along those lines. So basically, as far as I know, the story was that it suddenly occurred to Sansa that she had a huge CCTV department at her discretion and it might be a good idea to check with him first before she guts her own sister. So she goes to Bran, and Bran tells her everything she needs to know, and she’s like, ‘Oh, s–t.’”

We don’t think that this scene per se was needed, since we assumed that Sansa had consulted with Bran at some point to verify some of her concerns. However, the question that still remains revolves around timing. Was Sansa confident about Littlefinger’s horrible acts before speaking with Bran, or was this a whim that turned out to be one of the biggest reveals that she’s experienced in her life? This is useful when it comes to informing her awareness as a character, and how big of a role Arya played (if any) in trying to clear her name from some accusations.

For now, the way that we want to read things is that Arya and Sansa were in cahoots in one form or another for most of season 7, and while they had concerns, they worked them out and conspired against Littlefinger. In this line of thinking, Bran was mostly the final component to making sure the information was correct.

Now that we’ve laid all of this out there, we do hope that Game of Thrones in the future does present something larger for Bran before the end of the series; his powers are so different and unique, but we don’t think that they have reached their full potential just yet.

Do you think this deleted scene changes anything?

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