NCIS season 15: Don’t buy into Mark Harmon ‘reduced role’

Mark HarmonIs anyone ready for their semi-monthly update slamming NCIS – Mark Harmon rumors? Well, here we go…

Of course, we don’t think at this point that some people are ever going to stop writing articles speculating about the guy’s health. He’s getting older — as all of us do — and that leads some to think that they have license to relentless speculate about this thing or that. Some outlets have claimed that his health is failing (not true); other outlets are claiming that he is leaving the show (also not true).

The latest report out there dubiously states that Harmon’s age could somewhat limit his appearance in season 15 — certainly a questionable claim for many different reasons. First and foremost, Harmon is a series regular still, and beyond that he recently filmed one of his most intense finale episodes in quite some time in “Rendezvous.” He also has a pretty intense premiere episode coming up, and that certainly doesn’t suggest that this is a guy looking to take a reduced role on the show. Even if he does decide to let Wilmer Valderrama, Sean Murray, or Duane Henry handle more of the action sequences in the future, but he’s not going anywhere as the main presence of the show.

Another sign that he’s clearly all-in with NCIS is the casting of Maria Bello. Do you think that the show would bring in someone to serve as a major foil for him if he was going anywhere? It’s hard to see it. Harmon’s got a ton of fans out there still, and this new character is a sign of the show’s commitment to Gibbs. He’s also under contract for at least this season, and given his executive-producer role on NCIS: New Orleans his investment in the franchise is clear.

It’s always possible that at some point down the road Harmon will decide to move on and maybe some of these sites/reports will declare victory then; however, remember that for now there is zero evidence of any of these claims about Harmon. There are no named sources and many of them are repeating the same information here and there for the sake of bringing attention to themselves. It’s frustrating, but that’s the way things go.

Why even report on this anymore?

We’ve discussed this before, but the main reason is to try to purge the NCIS search cycle of some of the nonsense. There are so many casual fans out there who browse the internet, see a story suggesting the star is leaving, and then accept it as fact — even in this era where we should be questioning news sources more than ever. We need to have avenues in which we still convey truth, and to not let the rumors win out and confuse people who view this show as a source of happiness and fun.

What’s funny is that a year or two ago, some outlets were focused on trying to find a way to shoehorn a potential Ziva return into everything; now, they’ve moved on to other avenues.

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