Dancing with the Stars names Property Brothers’ Drew Scott first season 25 star

Drew ScottOne of the long-standing Dancing with the Stars season 25 rumors is now finally confirmed: Drew Scott of Property Brothers is now on board.

In the video below from Good Morning America this morning, you can see Scott (alongside his partner Emma Slater) confirm their appearance on the show, and talk about both some excitement and nervousness that comes with being a part of it. Scott is quick to note that he has never danced before, and while he may be fairly athletic and competitive, this is a completely different challenge. It certainly is when you think about his day job: Helping people get the home of their dreams on the popular television show.

For Slater, this marks an opportunity for her to work with someone who is extremely different from the reigning champion Rashad Jennings, who was an athlete and was used to that sort of competitive environment. He does still have a reasonably good shot at going far in the show, starting with his built-in popularity. Have you ever met people who don’t like Property Brothers? Typically, it’s that you either watch and like the show or you’ve never seen it. He’s a positive, upbeat guy with a good sense of humor, and he has an everyman quality to him given that he’s someone who really worked his way from the ground up into being the person he is today. That tends to appeal to people who watch this show.

His biggest challenge is probably pretty simple: Getting a sense of rhythm in just a couple of weeks leading up to the premiere episode on ABC. He’s also a pretty tall guy, and there are more challenges that come with that given that there’s such a height disparity with his partner. We assume he’ll be a good student and work as hard as possible to be good in the ballroom, but we won’t see the end result until a little bit later this fall.

Scott will of course be joined by a number of other Stars from a wide range of backgrounds; none of them are confirmed just yet, but we assume they will be in the days to come. We do wonder now if ABC is looking to scale out some of their reveals so that they can give every single contestant a little bit of time in the sun as opposed to a large announcement like they’ve done in the past. In that department, time will tell.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you do want to see some of the link of pro dancers who are taking part in the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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