Poldark season 4 looking for background characters ahead of filming

Poldark season 4 filmingPoldark season 4 filming is almost here! The cast has already done some of their table-reads, and the next step now is getting cameras rolling. That is set to happen next month in Cornwall and/or Bristol, which are the two primary filming locations for the show.

Just in case you are interested in getting an additional look behind the scenes, there are a few more things that you should know about what the show is doing in casting! If you head over to Devon Live, you can see one of the first casting calls of the season. The BBC series and Mammoth Screen production is looking for men with fairly-long hair and potentially beards to be a part of the show as background players (otherwise known as extras). Meanwhile, they are looking for women with shoulder-length natural hair (not dyed). Filming starts soon, but you can visit that link mentioned in this article for more information.

We don’t believe that the majority of the people reading this article are doing so in hopes of getting information on joining the Poldark cast, so we don’t want to focus all that hard on this aspect of the news. Instead, let’s just unpack the timeline for a moment. With filming starting in September, Aidan Turner, the rest of the main players, and assorted extras are going to continue to be at it until the spring. In starting up in September, the show does miss some of the summer weather — not that this would’ve been terrible, given that Cornwall is hardly a place generating 40-degree days Celsius for much of the year. (The biggest thing that the production often has to worry about is rain.)

As for if the filming timeline impacts when this season is going to premiere, only so much in that it probably wouldn’t come on the air before next summer. With the timeline that is currently established, however, there is no real reason to think that the show won’t be ready for summer in the UK. We know some of you in America are still waiting for the third season to even begin airing on PBS — rest assured that it’s happening sooner rather than later, as the current plan appears to be for the premiere to air on October 1. That’s not all that long to have to wait for things to get back in action when it comes to the story. (For the record, we recently wrote a long piece explaining why the show does premiere later in the US than it does in the UK.)

Want to get some additional Poldark news?

We do think that the link here is a great start, since it kicks off a series of different character expectation pieces! We recently took a look at almost every person on the show, and did our part to wonder what the future would hold for each one of them.

What do you want to see in regards to the upcoming Poldark season 4? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: BBC.)

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