Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: The darkest timeline; ideal Matt punishments (day 70)

Matt punishmentsIt only took us 70 days (only) for us to start to crack on Big Brother 19which seems to be doing a rare job of combining many elements from some of the show’s most terrible seasons. You’ve got the petty entitlement of Big Brother 6, the blatant disregard for the game of Chima from Big Brother 11, the frequent offensiveness and utter disdain of Big Brother 15, and also the complete zombie effect of the entire second half of Big Brother 16. Somehow, someway, this season is providing almost nothing for everyone!

Who do you root for in the game, Kevin? Otherwise, you’ve got someone in Paul who brainwashes and encourages awful behavior, a guy in Josh who insults people to their face, someone in Christmas who enjoys starting confrontations for no reason, Raven constantly making every situation about herself, Matt giving zero (bleeps) about the game, the pettiest person alive in Alex, and then Jason, a guy who continually gets goodwill only to completely blow it by saying offensive and terrible things. What he said about Kevin’s family last night, even with context in mind and the knowledge that he did not meant it literally, was terrible. It’s not smack-talk or anything else, so don’t come on here excusing him. Anyone who does that is also excusing Trump’s “locker room talk” from last year.

This is the darkest timeline. Kevin’s not making it to the end, so forget about that now. America’s Favorite Player is nice, but remember one of the contenders there is Cody, a guy whose history of terrible things is seemingly overshadowed by some thanks to his military service (which he does deserve commendation for) and being an underdog for most of the season … even if it was in part his own doing.

The only real way to end the season at point — especially after listening to Alex and Jason making some more nasty smack-talk earlier that could damage Kevin’s life outside of the game — is to proclaim all of us fans the winners for sticking with this. Then, we can give the money to Houston or do anything else we want with it.

What do you do with Matt?

We talked about him breaking the Have-Not rules briefly yesterday and getting a penalty vote, which is a complete smack in the face to real fans. Now, he’s also taken a hot shower and slept in a regular bed. He’s violated every single Have-Not rule possible knowing that he’s going home … and at this point, we’d just tell him to “go home” and stay there. He may not be destroying property a la Chima or threatening anyone’s life, but he’s showing that he doesn’t care about the show or its fans. As a result of that, why reward him? Make it clear that if he doesn’t respect you, you don’t respect him. Give him the stipend he earned for the first 69 days or so of the game where he followed the rules, and then send him on his way. Don’t let him make money in jury and give his vote to America. Paul’s probably going to win so the vote won’t matter all that much in the first place.

Ultimately, there’s no way to punish a guy like Matt in the game when he doesn’t care about it anymore. The only thing that you can do is either hit him in the pocketbook or take away jury, something that he really wanted in the first place.

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