Get a glimpse of some Absentia season 1 promo images

Absentia season 1 promo imagesOne of the things that comes with any new series are a chorus of different promotional images. For Absentiathere is no exception.

Below, you can catch a glimpse via the show’s official account of some of the official promo shots for four of the main characters of the Sony – AXN series: Alice (Cara Theobold), Tommy (Angel Bonanni), Jack (Neil Jackson), and Nick (Patrick Heusinger). Each one of these characters is going to be very much important in their own way to the series.

Picking the photos that you like mostly comes down to personal preference. We prefer the ones that come across as the warmest and the friendliest, mostly because that makes it all the more jarring when things go off the rails. (We’d pick the left photo of all of them except for Tommy; we feel like there’s something a little more unhinged about the one on the right.)

If you’ve fallen out of the Absentia loop (a terrible thought, really) over the past couple of weeks, here are some brief details to know about each one of these characters.

Alice – She is Nick’s new wife, and a woman doing her best to try and raise Flynn, the son that he had with his first wife Emily Byrne (Stana Katic). At the start of the series, she is presumed dead. However, in the first episode Nick’s entire world is flipped upside down when she is discovered alive.

Tommy – The only character not personally connected to Emily’s family, but someone who is going to have a role in the investigative side of the story. He brings some different dynamics to the table.

Jack – Emily’s brother, and someone who has went through his own fair share of struggles in the time in which she was away. Will he have his life in order when she surfaces?

Nick – Emily’s former husband, and a man struggling to make some sense of the world when he learns the truth about his first wife. How does someone react to that? It’s an impossible position for any person to be in.

For the record, we are aware that there some photos floating around out there of Katic’s Emily; that’s something that we may formally get to for an episode down the line. We also figure that any of these characters could be suspects in theory to what happened to Emily … you really can’t rule anyone out on a show like this. The central mystery is too subversive to just assume that anyone would be innocent.

Absentia will premiere in some territories in September. While the show has acquired a US home, we are waiting to learn the network’s identity.

Want some additional news on Absentia?

We consistently like to provide you an assortment of the latest news, and today that means first and foremost the link here! That’s where we discuss more of the show’s overall longevity, and whether or not there is life to these characters beyond just the first couple of seasons. (We do understand that much of that will be dependent on the show’s ratings.)

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