Chicago Fire season 6: Possible timing for Brettonio reunion

BrettonioMrs. Carter: When will the Brettonio reunion happen on Chicago Fire season 6?

For some people, we know that there is going to simply be some solace in the fact that said reunion is happening at all. Brettonio was a wonderful surprise on the show last year, a pairing who were very unexpected but proved to have a lot of chemistry. Nobody knew in advance how they were going to be received. Now, there are people who cannot wait to see the two of them back together.

Luckily, the good news is that this pairing is something that you could absolutely see happening sooner rather than later. In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Derek Haas confirmed that at some point around midseason, you could see the two characters back in a romantic capacity. They may have some opportunities to work together before then, but in life, things often take time. We therefore think that it will take a little while before you see Brett and Antonio in a position where they are ready to give things another go.

Beyond just our personal admiration for this couple, there are a number of other reasons to want to root for the two of them to get back together and stay that way. For one, it should allow for an opportunity to see more crossovers! One of the benefits in the cross-show romance is that it does create an influx of greater publicity for all parties involved. If you love Chicago PD, you have more incentives to watch Chicago Fire if Antonio is going to be appearing there. Meanwhile, you can say vice-versa with the character of Brett. The more of these characters that you get a chance to see on each others’ shows, the stronger the romance and also the more inter-connected the stories are.

Hopefully by the time the two get together everything will be reasonably settled in their lives both personally and professionally. For Antonio, he is going back to Intelligence after spending the first season of Chicago Justice in a new job in new position as an investigator. For Brett, one of her longtime friends is going to be arriving into town. It’s not immediately clear what they will mean for future or her present — it could mean another confidante, or it could represent a part of her life that she was looking forward to being away from in the Windy City.

New episodes of Chicago Fire are going to premiere this fall on NBC — one of the most-important things to remind you of is that the show is moving to a new timeslot Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

What do you want to see in terms of Brettonio on Chicago Fire season 6?

Let us know some of your thoughts in the comments below! Rest assured that this is far from the only story that we’ve reported on with the couple. There’s some other news that you can check out, just in case you are hungry for more, over at the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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