America’s Got Talent rankings: Where Colin Cloud, Chase Goehring, Sara & Hero stand

Colin CloudThe third and final America’s Got Talent live quarterfinal performance show is going to air on NBC Tuesday night; with that, we’ve back with the latest contestant rankings!

In terms of variety, this is probably our favorite lineup of the entire season — you’ve got a dog act, a magician, some dancers, some acrobats, and some singers who are certainly different at least from some of the others that we’ve seen. What’s also nice about this field is that we don’t think that there is one act in here who is universally considered to be the favorite, similar to Mandy Harvey or Darci Lynne. (Granted, if you’re to fast-forward to the end of the season they are probably the two acts still standing at the very end.)

How are we ranking? – If you haven’t seen it before, our criteria goes a little something like this: Performance quality is always tops, since acts have to be good to advance! Beyond that, we look at screen time, personality, backstory, and also whether or not similar acts on the show have done well in the past.

Without further ado, let’s get into this.

12. Oscar Hernandez – We do think that he’s a super-likable guy and admire him getting up on stage and getting down with his bad self. Unfortunately, he’s in the “never gonna happen” category in the live shows alongside the Singing Trump and Mirror Image.

11. Final Draft – A very good vocal group in the first audition, but they are coming off of a weaker Judge Cuts performance and will really have to prove themselves moving into the next phase of the competition.

10. Junior and Emily – They are one of the best kid-dancing duos we’ve seen on America’s Got Talent, but it’s still so hard to imagine any kid-dancing duo ever winning this show. They all have a ceiling, and this is more for exposure and drive than it is anything else.

9. Oskar and Gaspar – If this ranking was based on who we like the best, we’d have them four or five spots higher as one of our personal favorite acts in terms of creativity. Unfortunately, we don’t think voters at home are going to “get it” and see it as the talent that it is.

8. Angelina Green – After so many kid singers, is there really a shot for Angelina to also make it through to the next round? We do wonder if some of the hype surrounding them is starting to dissipate ever so slightly.

7. Diavolo – We can easily see this acrobatic group switching back and forth with Angelina depending on their performance order and what they bring to the table. We just love Diavolo since it’s far more exciting than anything that you tend to see from a normal dance crew or a pair of acrobats.

6. Greater Works Choir – We’re in a time where you gotta have a little bit of faith in humanity, and this group is all about preaching a message of hope. They’re wonderful singers, and their passion and joy are through the roof. Not everyone loves choirs, but they’ll love them.

5. Mike Yung – There are probably better singers in the competition than Mike, but he really strikes a chord with people in terms of his background and his story. If he picks the right song and does it with passion, there’s a good shot he advances.

4. Kechi – We ultimately feel the same way here. Her story is even more unique, and while we do think there will be some vote-splitting due to all the singers this week, it hasn’t stopped multiple ones from getting through in the past.

3. Sara & Hero – Why do we think that she will get through when the Pompeyo Family Dogs did not? We think that a little focus goes a long way here. Sara & Hero’s tricks are incredibly impressive, but to go with that there’s more of a personal connection.

2. Colin Cloud – The past couple of years for America’s Got Talent have been great ones for magicians. For one reason or another, this one hasn’t. Eric Jones moved on, but it was thanks to a tiebreaker vote from America. Colin is so skilled and so unique that we’re confident it won’t happen here.

1. Chase Goehring – The singer/songwriter had a wonderful second performance that got him the Golden Buzzer; this is why sometimes, not getting sent straight through to the live shows is a good thing. He’s a great talent, and beyond that he’s one of the few singers on this show we can see being a huge success outside of it.

Now, we turn this over to you

Let us know in either the poll or the comments below who you think is the best act of this group on America’s Got Talent! We’ll be back tomorrow with a full review of all the performances. (Photo: NBC.)


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