Vice Principals season 2 premiere spoilers: The ‘who shot Neal?’ journey begins

who shot Neal

The Vice Principals season 2 premiere is coming to HBO on Sunday, September 17, and with that, the mystery of who shot Neal will unfold. This was the crazy cliffhanger at the end of season 1, as a man in a mask approached Danny McBride’s character suddenly before firing out a bullet. It was violent, crazy, and jarring — exactly what this show wanted to do. This is not a show that likes to operate using any form of subtlety. It is big, bold, and doesn’t hold anything back. Such is how we would describe the premiere episode as well.

Entitled “Tiger Town,” the main goal of this story is going to be seeing how Neal is going to recover in the aftermath of the shooting. Judging from the attached synopsis below, you do know they he will not remove himself from North Jackson High for long:

“Recovering from his wounds, Gamby (Danny McBride) returns to a dramatically changed North Jackson High.”

The point of contention, and likely what will make the story entertaining when it airs, stems from the idea of Neal learning about his job status. Does he still have a chance to be a principal at the school, even if it is a co-principal? At the moment, Russell is #1 with a bullet in terms of likely suspects in the shooting. He stood the most to gain from Neal being out of the picture, since he could prove himself to be a capable principal in his stead to the point where there would not need to be someone else in power.

Is the idea of fighting this much over the opportunity to be principal silly? Sure, but that’s a big part of what this show really is. Watching it is all about watching people engage in some of the pettiest arguments possible in hopes of ensuring that 1) there is maximum comedy and 2) we see just how petty and without ambition that some of these people are. The goal of Neal and Russell is to run a high school that is not all that widely regarded, just to get a small bump in pay and to lord over other people. They don’t even care whether or not anyone else likes them.

We do love the fact that these two men are polar opposites. Gamby asks like a horrible person when there is a layer of kindness underneath; meanwhile, Lee is super-sweet to your face, but he is the ultimate snake in the grass, scheming and waiting for his own opportunity to bite and get some of the power that he so seeks.

The season 2 premiere of Vice Principals does come with a sad reminder: There are only a handful of episodes still to go. This was always designed to be a two-season show, so we are already starting to near the end.

Did you catch the recent Vice Principals season 2 trailer?

If you missed it for whatever reason, rest assured that you can see it just by heading over to the link here right away. (Photo: HBO.)

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