Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Could Raven get herself voted out? (day 69, morning)

Raven WaltonThe Big Brother 19 house for most of last night was a whole lot of rise-and-repeat when it comes to the major talking points. Everyone is still bashing Kevin for being “shady,” but the plan hasn’t changed for the Veto Ceremony today. Matt and Raven will remain on the block, and one of the two of them is going to be evicted from the game. They’ve coasted the entire season (note: Coasters are really what people often call floaters), and they are about to realize that they should’ve woken up long before now.

Granted, we’re saying this thinking that Matt actually cares about winning the game and there is no proof he does. This dude seemed to just want to spend a summer eating cereal and goofing off in the house.

For now, the plan still seems to be to evict Matt, but there have been talks about switching it to Raven. As if that wasn’t intriguing in its own right, you also need to consider this question: Is it possible that, somehow, Raven could end up getting herself voted out of the game? Well, last night she made a pretty strong case for it in how she trashed the house in the middle of some sort of flirt-fest/argument that she had going on with Matt, one complete with loud, annoying shouting. Raven’s shouts are quite possibly the most annoying thing about the season, and we say that knowing that this is also a season featuring Josh singing that stupid circus song any time that he started to bang around pots and pans in the house.

Getting rid of Raven effectively makes the house a little bit quieter, and there may be appeal with that since she could be more unpredictable with Matt gone. Yet, Matt is also probably more of a competition threat, even if he hasn’t shown it.

Is Josh seeing the light?

This is one of the big questions that we do wonder now given that Josh is finally starting to wake up to what Paul has used him for all season: The guy who runs around and blows up on people. He wanted Josh to do this with Kevin, but he told Christmas last night that it’s something he is really not all that interested in doing.

While we don’t think Josh has an easy chance to win the game, it is interesting to see how much the guy has sorted things out. With Jessica and Cody gone he’s become a lot more comfortable and a whole lot more of a logical, strategic thinker. He’s certainly a better player than either Matt or Raven, and we would also say that he’s probably a better player at this point than Alex. She can win more competitions, but she’s come across as really petty and malicious over the past couple of days.

Did you miss some of the Kevin-bashing Sunday?

If you want to read more of our take on that, and our frustrations with Paul and his strategy, be sure to hit up the link here. (Photo: CBS.)

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