Fifth Harmony jettisons fake Camila Cabello off-stage during VMA performance

Fifth HarmonyFifth Harmony has become one of the biggest girl-bands of the past several years, and they got many headlines over Camila Cabello’s exit. Tonight at the MTV VMAs, we have a feeling that we got even more judging from how they very clearly shaded their former member at the start of their performance of “Down.”

Fresh off of winning a Best Pop Video VMA, the group (Dinah, Normani, Lauren, and Ally) basically launched a fake version of their former band member off the stage — hey, if their goal was to be controversial, we’re pretty sure that they achieved that. It was clearly their way of being like “we’re okay without you,” and maybe they didn’t mean it as nasty as it came across. Still, you have to think that someone out there in their team would’ve told them that this was not a good idea … right? Well, apparently not so much. This was probably one of the most shocking moments of the night just in terms of something that really didn’t need to happen and comes across as damaging to the group’s image more so than anything.

Just think about things this way: There have been many headlines as of late about the other Fifth Harmony members not wanting to talk about Camila leaving the group; yet, they then do something like this. Let’s just say that they did this as some sort of joke more so than a serious declaration; isn’t this going to lead to more questions about them?

Here’s the thing that blows our mind: It wasn’t all that long ago that we saw these five women together on The X Factor performing their way to the finale, and they all seemed to get along and be super-happy then. We were rooting for them because they were underdogs; with this, however, we’re not sure what message that they were trying to send … but none of the ones that we’re thinking about at the moment are altogether good. We’re very curious to see if Camila decides to comment on it; for the time being, though, she hasn’t been on social media. She was not in attendance at the awards show today.

What do you think about this moment: Was it too aggressive, a bad idea from the group, or did you actually like it? Share in the comments below.

If for some reason you missed it, be sure to head over to the link here if you do want to read more of what Paris Jackson and Katy Perry had to say in the opening of the show. They tried to piece together a message of hope and unity, which was basically completely the opposite of what happened here. (Photo: MTV.)

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